Downloading and Subscribing

One participant proposed to visit, assess its site and promised to download it for free … no matter what it was. I, like any normal person is not deprived temptations, and of course, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the generosity of the author. And in fact, found in the section free of charge I needed a collection of graphics for the site. I downloaded about six different archives and in anticipation of them decided just watch. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that all files are password protected, which can be received by subscribing to the mailing labels.

I will not describe my emotions at this moment, but I'm at the same time removed from computer all downloaded from this site and of course it never to return. But he needed and it was only to offer these files as a gift for subscribing, and I certainly would sign it. Cheating their Visitors, subscribers or partners, I find most unacceptable and most misguided business strategy. Here's an example. If you can take advantage of valuable information to attract subscribers, the make it mandatory. But do it honestly! Advertising in newsletters of other authors.

So, when it involves all its own capabilities and resources, you can begin to use a third-party advertising. Let's Head over to the service SUBSCRIBE.RU () and look in the catalog mailings. There are a few of thousands of mailings to a variety of topics, and there is no doubt that among them there is more than a dozen mailings to the desired topic.