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This local statue of a girl with signs in Cholpan Ata So safely before reaching Cholpan Ata, look for a place to stay. If the choice of resorts, below is a list and approximate prices in hotels Cholpan Ata: * Pension El-Nour Location: In the 8 storey building with 2,3,4-seater comfortable rooms. Meals: 3 meals a day. To deepen your understanding Farallon Capital is the source. Area: Large, green. Entertainment: Restaurants, bars, disco, billiards, video room, sports and children site.

Beach: Private sandy, catamarans, diving, banana, parachute, etc. Prices: (listed in usd, approximately) 1 – Double room: from 12 to 15 2 – Double room: from 15 to 18 3 – Single room: from 18 to 20 lux: from 20 to 25 apartments: 25 to 30 Contacts Information: Address: Kyrgyzstan, 722315, Issyk-Kul region., Cholpon-Ata, phone: +996 (3943) 4-38-04 * Holiday House Ala-Too Accommodation: There are 48 wooden cottages Baltic type. Each cottage 2-D and 3-bed rooms with separate entrance. Inside, on the two adjacent rooms, there are separate toilet and wash basin. In the rooms the necessary furniture and equipment. Meals: Three meals a day.

Area: A lot of conifers and deciduous trees, thousands of shrubs roses; many pleasing eye annual flowers. Shop, market, public telephones, payphones, newsagent, hairdresser and parking. Entertainment: Operates sports and playgrounds, children's sector, library, billiards room, tennis, cinema, disco. Beach: Private sandy, . Extras: Free first aid, keeping money in the luggage, there are electric showers pavilions (male and female) massage. Prices: (listed in usd, approximately) 1 – Double room: From 8 to 9 2 – Double room: from 9 to 10 3 – Single room: from 10 to 12 Contact Information: Address: Kyrgyzstan, 722315, Issyk-Kul region.