Affiliate marketing is basically a system based on the web where you pay to you (as a member) by referring sales or customers to other businesses that are not yours. In this lesson we will explore the answer to how does affiliate marketing work? There are many different ways to be an affiliate, for example: John has a website full of tips on how to train a dog. On the side of the web page has been a reminder of an ebook that teaches you how to train dogs. If any of the visitors of your website clicks on your ad and buys the ebook from the website of the merchant, John receives a 75% Commission on the selling price of the book by referring the customer to the merchant page. Another example: Julieta has a web page about supplements for dieting (health). Their website contains lots of useful information about the additives materials. Then, she will have advertising content related to dietary supplements only by inserting a code inside your page (e.g.

Google AdSense) on which she speaks on his page. She will earn money everytime someone who visits your page then click on one of those ads, even if the person who clicked on the notice does not purchase the product. Peter has a very popular newsletter for people who want to learn yoga. He regularly sends them lessons and tips to your list of subscribers, and occasionally touted products of others as an affiliate. Whenever someone from your list of subscribers click on the link that Peter inserts into your email and purchase one of the many products that Pedro promotes, the will earn a percentage of Commission on the price of the product. Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative business. There is a lot of affiliates that generate income by working full-time as affiliate, and many others who are making much more than that.