Remember that you have left comments and indexed by search engines and are required for promotion. So if you like a particular site, we can and leave a nice comment. You should also pay attention to the authorship, as often the case that sites simply copy the articles from major sources. But at the end of the article, usually taken from written article. If you liked the article was not too lazy to look and visit the source, because this may be the largest and useful resources. Also want to stay at the time of registration sites, forums and other resources.

It often happens that the site is hidden precisely the information we were looking for a long time, and the administration of the site encourages us to register for In order to see the hidden text. There's nothing dangerous, but you must also realize that like you did not promise that your email does not go beyond the boundaries of their databases, most often it is otherwise. Where can get your address? The simplest – the agency which distributes letters, namely spam. It is therefore recommended to start a separate email address to register for doubtful network resources, then not surprising that the post appears more and more spam emails. Speaking of spam, you should also mention the 'robots' that visit the page and snatch all the expressions of the type'***@**.**' followed entering the address in the mail. We can leave your address in the ad, online or in the same comment. You can replace the '@' word 'dog', but even this becomes a bite to force the current program.

You can think of Other ways to protect your primary address. Clicking on the links. We'd also like you to understand what happens when we click on a particular banner or text link to any site. Everything mentioned has any as advertising, for which the advertiser pays the money, but the one who places the advertisement gets it. What to pay money? More and more it becomes a system of pay per click advertising. Ie advertiser pays a certain amount for that someone passed on a link from one site to another. And it turns out that when we click on this or other promotional information are monetary transactions, where money is awarded to the site where we were at that moment, and Pays, where we are at the link. In conclusion, I would say that despite the fact that a visit on the Internet seems effortless pastime, we should understand that it becomes part of our lives. And the time we attach to this lesson, you also need to control.