Types Of Leader

What kind of leader are you? You realize how much they have spoken the media lately about Michael Jackson, is that when a famous artist dies the news lasts for weeks or even months. Media, news and many fans still remember this character and mentioning his exploits. Why is not the case with anyone? In fact … why some people are more recognized? Why are followed by the masses? And then again, why others are followers? It is no secret that when you give a smile to someone's back, if you treat others kindly these will do the same with you. People are attracted to leaders because they somehow give them value. As leadership is there are 3 types of people: Alfa = natural leader. ively involved in the matter. Pre – alpha = potential leader. Beta = follower.

Which of these categories these and which would you rather be? The funny thing is that your mind defines who you are and that does not depend on others, depends only on you. You decide where you are and where you go, the point is that you do consciously. But has to do with your belief and your personal development, because the more you grow as a person change your ideas and as a consequence the way you look at yourself. When you develop new skills increases your value as a person and remember that leaders give value to others. The movement and change are a natural part of the world, if you want to be a leader you have to move with that change.