The Market

With regard to the operating system, for Russia is not a problem to buy at any kiosk for 100 rubles a pirated version of any operating system, it is only a question of your conscience. However, at the bottom of most laptops have a sticker with the serial number of the operating system, but that's to find the disk, which fits your key, is problematic. Notebook manufacturers install on their devices specific versions of operating systems, which can only be installed on the model of the firm. Therefore, the operating system drive from the laptop to your neighbor on the landing may not only abandon your key during installation, but may simply refuse to install, in principle, citing the differences in the names of the producer model, although characteristics they may have exactly the same. So, you've found the right model for a tasty price and come to a meeting with the seller.

The first thing that you should pay attention – it is the seller! If he is slovenly dressed, badly looks like – so as he turned and with a laptop. And, if further verification you have any doubts on the quality of a laptop, feel free to turn around and walk away, the market for used laptops quite extensive – there is always another suggestion. Next, inspect the laptop from all sides for chips and cracks. Scratches – it is an inevitable companion of used laptops, and this must come to terms. However, chipped and cracked – it's a serious reason to think that notebook has been dropped to the floor.