Provincial Office

lego Prompt, if there is a map of time pobytu issued on the basis of a work permit for one year. Can I change jobs, to work for another employer without there zamorochek paper or to do a new work permit from the new employer. Maybe there is some other options, really want to change employers. Artek If you wish to terminate their contract of employment with an employer who has received permission for you to work and go to work for another location, the new employer must get you a new work permit. If the card has not pobytu ends, and you will be living in the same place, it is not necessary to redo. If you are a citizen of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia and Moldova, can the new employer's first work on the basis of osvyadchenya (but not yet on them can only work up to December 31). With this will begin immediately and is already in the process of issue a new work permit. In case of change of employer will be out of place to inform the department of foreigners in the Provincial Office, otherwise they will cancel card pobytu when they receive information that you have gone to work. lego As I understood, we can now find an employer, it will make me fast and I osvyadchennya on it can immediately begin work and time card pobytu remains valid, but the new employer must by 31 December to give me permission to work to map below remain relevant. Correct me if I'm wrong. Artek As soon find a new employer, he can take you to work on the basis of osvyadchenya registered at the District Office of Vocations. On such osvyadchenyu today can only work until December 31. Simultaneously, the employer may apply for permission to work for you. The work permit is about a month, so that as soon as it get will work under a work permit, but not osvyadchenya. If before 31 December will not get permission, but do not prolong osvyadchenya next year, you will need to stop working until you get the document allowing you to work legally in Poland. In order to map pobytu remained relevant, Provincial Office should be informed that your stay coincides with the purpose for which you have the map pobytu. Therefore, to map not canceled when the leave from work, be sure to tell them that you got a job at the new location. How does this need to tell them and do what additional action needs to be done You will be notified of your Provincial Office. Ask them what you will need to do is change it after work. It is worth to report the receipt of voivodship new work permit when it will already be on your hands, so they know that you will continue to work even when my osvyadchene. If there is a break between jobs (if you do not have the legal ability to work), voivodship begin the process of canceling cards because it does not work you break the purpose of their stay in the country and lose your income source, which is a condition for granting card pobytu. lego Thanks for the reply! How to find a new job, I'll call the province and to clarify all the nuances.

Club Knowledge

This will be achieved some kind of generic technology that will enable your application to different types of products. Those skills and competencies will be developed over time, as well as they also improved with use, unlike other resources also owned by the company as the physical and financial loses well importance the concept of business against the portfolio of competences portfolio. Intangible assets, by their very nature, are more easily to become strategic assets that it has been talking about. The common trait of intangible assets and capabilities that mobilized them is that they are forms of knowledge with varying degrees of specificity, codificabilidad and complexity definitely as says Juan Carlos Gomez, the value of a business moves increasingly to the intangible fixed assets: trademarks, patents, franchises, software, research programmes, ideas, experience. Until now begins to awaken interest in the companies in measuring this active, which helps to create a gap every time more large between the book value and market value; This change is becoming more dramatic in the companies of wide base technology (Internet, software, biotechnology etc.). When discussing the scope of Intellectual Capital can be understood that it is extremely broad, since in any activity, by everyday as it is, is implicit knowledge of people on what they do, what allows to have the matter prima to keep generating knowledge, and not only the accumulation of the same, but the correct use that need to be given to generate competitive advantages in relation to others that do not apply the knowledge in the way most ideal. If we know what we are doing and upload transmit it causing you generalize and handle better way knowledge can find us with capabilities that were previously outside our scope for being devoid of this information. When an organization employs in the correct manner the knowledge of its staff within the company, stimulates them to share them with the rest of the staff and teaches them to use them properly, just is not generating profit for the company, that is creating the possibility of continuous improvement of the qualities of the staff in all areas of their daily lives. That is why it is easy to observe that the reach of intellectual capital and to the management of the knowledge, if part transcendental in the efficient and effective development of a society, organization, institution, etc. References: * Amit, r. & Schoemaker, p. (1993). Strategic assets and organizational rent. Strategic Management Journal, vol. 14 well, e. (1998). The intangible capital as a strategic key in the current competition, Bulletin of Economic studies, Vol. 164, August well, e. (1999a). Knowledge, learning and Intellectual Capital Management. Bulletin of the intellect Club, Vol. 1, December 1998 – January 1999 well, e. (1999b). Competence, knowledge and innovation. Euroletter, Vol. 15 Raven, a. (1995). The strategic direction of the company. Management of the nineties. Editorial Civitas, Madrid..