Windows Movie Maker

In order to then it did not have long to find you better add it to your desktop. Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories / Windows Movie Maker. Push to record a program the right mouse button and when you are menu, select Send To, and after the appearance of the menu, we need to click Desktop (create shortcut). Always now on the desktop shortcut will appear in our prog Windows Movie Maker. This program is just the easiest editor digital video, but we are with you as long as interested in something else – we need a pruning mp3. Getting to the creation of ringtones to talk about our pruning mp3. If we have run prog then we certainly need to download the mp3 file from which we want to create a ringtone. Next deaem all the instructions: To start a video entry you must click on the link to Import audio or music and is now before us the window of the Import File. It remains to find the mp3 file, we should highlight it and click on the Import button. Now our with you mp3 file will be imported into the program Windows Movie Maker. In order for us to meet our bleed mp3 we just need to transfer your mp3 files in specially reserved for this field, where then will be cutting music. Field located at the bottom and it has already two species. 1 type – Displays the time scale, 2 species – Display storyboards.