Large-print And Outdoor Advertising

We suggest you use the full range of services for large format printing for outdoor advertising in Moscow from OOO 'Prestige'. Carlos hank gonzalez insists that this is the case. We produce posters, billboards, banners, billboards, billboards, city-size, transparency – banners, firewall, main boards. Our company produces reliable, illuminated advertising and by its installation – it's all possible three-dimensional letters, neon signs, light boxes and light. We will do for you an original, vivid, memorable outdoor advertising on the most modern printing equipment. High qualification and talent of our employees, own modern equipment, excellent quality of work – success and rapid development of our clients' business. We offer our customers a reliable and high quality full-color large-format printing. Modern technologies used in our company allow our staff to print banners of any size. Currently, large-format printing is one of the most convenient and popular outdoor advertising elements, as well as the most convenient and affordable technology, which allows you to print the banner on the grid or self-adhesive film. This type of advertising is used for interior and outdoor advertising at point of sale, transportation and more. Large letters – another effective and versatile form of outdoor advertising. Variety of color and shape, quality made, they invariably attract the attention of customers. Using the internal neon or LED serves to indicate the name of the company or store. Large letters made of plastic, stainless steel or acrylic, easy to manufacture, inexpensive, and at the same time spectacular. The customer chooses the one that fits his style and taste. Another fairly common form of outdoor advertising – light boxes or light boxes. Today, light boxes are used practically everywhere: outdoor, advertising and internal (in the shops, bars, cafes, exhibitions) to draw attention to the product or service offered by the company. They are created in the corporate style of the company and, like a beacon in a sea of products and services, show the right path. As for the device of this type of outdoor advertising, its front end is made of transparent material such as acrylic glass, and side and rear panels – made of plastic or metal. Inside or on the back of a light box fixed fluorescent lamps, which and provide an attractive glow boxes day and night. Our company carries out its basic task – to promote the economic development of your business by providing a wide range of high quality and affordable services in the field of outdoor advertising.

Control Panels OPS

CA-4V1 has four functional areas, which in the simplest case coincide with the number of loops, but when programming in one area can logically combine several loops. However, in this case, the system of TSO can not accurately determine address alarm devices. To all areas of the control panel can be connected to any sensors OPS: magnetic, infrared, ultrasonic, etc., normally closed or normally-open type. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pacific Mortgage Services by clicking through. To manage and maintain the system at OPS based on CA-4V1 LED keypad used CA-4VKLED company Satel, in what one device can be operated simultaneously with the three keyboards. Further details can be found at Brooklyn Commons, an internet resource. The maximum distance between RCP and CA-4VKLED should not exceed 200 m using wire-type DY 6 x 0,5, and Each keypad must be connected to the OPS unit separate wire. CA-4V1 control panel is equipped with two independent outputs that connect sirens of OPS. Moreover, one can switch out a few sounders connected in parallel, and in the most remote from the fixture device is recommended to install a resistor rated at 2.2 ohms. Duration alert OPS on both outputs of the control unit can be programmed in the range of 1 to 999 seconds. To protect the system from unauthorized access OPS provides the use of two major 6-digit password with the highest priority. Password 3 enables monitoring mode locking of selected zones and OPS mode of "quiet protection." Fourth one-time password is erased and alarm control panels after the first of its use. In addition, the programming mode You can change all other passwords, except the main number 1. Written in memory of the control panel software allows you to configure the receiving-control unit in accordance with system requirements OPS concrete object. For example, CA-4V1 is possible to program parameters such as the permanent blocking zones, 24-hour zones, zones with OPS delayed reaction to anxiety, while the input / output, etc. When you program using CA-4V1 service features that are available after entering a special service code. Buy The control panel CA-4V1 can be from the warehouse of the official Russian distributor of equipment SATEL – of "ARMO-Systems." Get additional information about the new product and other components of the OPS, please call (495) 787-3342 or e-mail. The Polish company operating in the European SATEL security market since 1990 and specializes in manufacturing and Sales of hardware and software for fire and security systems for various applications. SATEL manufactures Control Panels OPS, including a sensor for flat modules, GSM, wireless alarm systems, security and OPS fire sensors, light and sound detectors, gas sensors, radio kits and accessories for many security systems. Moreover, all placed on the market solutions SATEL a good mix of different for money, have successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.

Corrugated Packaging

It may have monochrome printing, carrying information about a product. Transport packaging needs to move directly usually bulky goods. Often, it is equipped with additional elements in the form of shock absorbers, bearings, ribs. By the size of all corrugated packaging can be subdivided into standard, performed by guests, and custom manufactured to individual customer's sizes. Types of Corrugated Today, there are several basic types of corrugated packaging and more items for her. The most common type of packaging is a carton, which is a product made of corrugated cardboard with chetyrehklapannym bottom and lid. This type of packaging used for both large household appliances, and for more compact products, including souvenirs. Depending on the type of product in the manufacture of corrugated boxes used three-ply or five-layer paperboard and of containers of seven-layer model of cardboard able to withstand loads of up to 2 tons. Gofrolotok – low product made of corrugated cardboard, which has no lid, and is used primarily for transportation of perishable goods. However, this same model containers are widely used and for packing of industrial goods. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is full of insight into the issues. Gofrokonteyner consists of a bottom shell and the cover and used for packing of bulk goods, liquids and preforms. In the latter case is commonly used plastic liner, which prevents the liquid to soak into the material box. The bottom of the box and made of three-ply cardboard, and to use a thicker shell five-layer corrugated cardboard. Auxiliary packaging tools include shock absorbers, bearings, collars, spacers and bars. Shock absorber made of corrugated cardboard – dense cushioning material designed to protect fragile items from external influences. Shock absorbers are made of sheets iso corrugated cardboard by gluing them together. Carton liner is a sheet of cardboard with horizontal lines rilevochnymi. Inserts are placed inside a box or carton as a subsidiary packaging facilities. Shell is designed to strengthen the walls around the perimeter of the package. Usually made of thick cardboard types. Gasket – corrugated packaging facility. Due to the porous structure, it provides additional protection for products from outside influences during transport. In addition, the pads have a high water resistance due to the multilayer structure. Lattice – an auxiliary weighing device, which is a cell from a sheet of cardboard with slits that are inserted into each other. Used for transportation in the corrugated piece goods: bottled beverages, ceramics and glassware and others. The variety and versatility of corrugated packaging allows you to use it wherever needed a variety of packaging products, and able to produce boxes, trays and gofrokonteynerov all sizes makes this cardboard products form an essential in all industries.

Standards Council

The lists of occupations and positions of employees who have provided washing away and neutralize the means are determined by the employer because of the nature and types of jobs agreed with the trade union committee or other authorized staff representative and approved by the head of the organization. Need to Rinse-off products is determined by the rate of not less than 400 grams month of soap or similar action by washing away the funds to an employee. In organizations where there are sanitary facilities, equipped with showers and washbasins, washing away continuously provides the means their delivery directly to employees is not performed. When the sinks should be available in sufficient quantities regularly exchangeable towels or air dryers hands. When working with substances, allergens and irritants skin and to prevent harmful effects of biological objects are provided by workers with protective paste (ointments, creams) in an amount not less than 5 grams for a single application on a clean surface of the skin Hand sheets (face, neck, forearms) twice per shift – to work after a break for rest and meals (meals) and in other cases arising from work organization. Application of protective creams and toothpaste are washed before break for rest and food (meal) and at the end of the shift. These workers are also provided by means of washing away (by the above rules), and, if necessary – and disinfectants. Employees should be provided with regular access to washing away and neutralizing agents. Choice of species and types of protective pastes (ointments, creams), leaves no disinfectant and is determined based on the features and character of a person employed in the matter in consultation with the territorial authorities of the state sanitary supervision. Workers should be provided only by the washing away and neutralize means, which passed the state hygienic registration. In determining the needs of the organization in detoxifying and leaves no means considered appropriate number of employees engaged in work with harmful and (or) dangerous conditions, as well as on studies related to pollution of the skin, and consumption rates of specific funds. Organizations must be in the presence of a constant monthly supply of washing away and detoxifying funds. Costs for the employees washing away and neutralize the means to set standards included in the cost of goods (works, services). The employer compensates the employee costs to acquire the necessary means of washing away and detoxifying, if workers are forced to purchase their own expense. To work with harmful and hazardous working conditions in dealing with security personnel washing away and neutralize facilities include manufacturing activities in which the skin of workers exposed to hazardous substances (GOST 12.1.007-76 ‘Hazardous substances. Classification and general requirements security ‘- is approved and put into effect the decision of the State Committee of Standards Council of Ministers on March 10, 1976 N 579, the changes are approved and put into effect the decision of the USSR State Committee Management of product quality and standards of 28 March 1990, N 625) and (or) biological objects: micro-organisms, insects and other (GOST 12.1.008-76 ‘Biosecurity. General requirements’ – is approved and put into effect the decision State Committee of Standards Council of Ministers on March 10, 1976 N 578). By washing away and neutralize facilities include soap or similar action by washing away the tools, protective paste (ointments, creams, etc.), cleaning and protect the skin from the effects of hazardous substances and biological objects, as well as disinfectants.

State Tax Administration

After receiving evidence you – FLP. Remove a few pieces of copies of the certificate, you need it in tax and pension fund. But that's not all you need to be registered in the tax office and pension fund. Registration with tax authorities. The procedure of registration of FLP in tax described in the treatment of payers of taxes, duties (obligatory payments) approved by order of the State Tax Administration of 19/02/98, the number 80. Fundrise is often quoted as being for or against this. Procedure taking on the account in tax inspection can be carried out without the participation of FLP. The State registrar shall send to the tax residence of the entrepreneur notice of the state registration of such entrepreneur. The notification shall contain the number and date of making an appropriate entry in the Unified State Register, as well as information from the registration card of the entrepreneur. On this basis, no later than the next working days from the date of receiving information from the registrar body formed STI information about registering for the form number 4-OPP. But this does not mean that you do not need to appear in the tax office. I want to clarify that the information in the form 4-OPP is a confirmation of your registration in tax inspection. After receiving information on the form 4-OPP number you will need to apply it to the inspector's name and room number you will be advised when receiving a 4-OPP, the man You will need to pass the quarterly report, it will give you a certificate of single tax payer, and in addition it will ask to pay a single tax payment system and to bring him to pay, and only then you will be issued evidence of single tax payer.