Wise Care

Argued that the laminated flooring (laminate) are almost in need of care. Such an assertion is true, but we should admit only partly true. Of course, if you could put on different scales efforts to care for laminate and, say, parquet, then, no doubt, taking care of parquet flooring would have been more significant (ie, problematic). However, this does not mean that laminated to a lesser extent in need of careful treatment of the household. On the contrary, careful care laminate is capable of for years to preserve its primitive condition and attractiveness, and hence – to turn the operation of the floor in true enjoy! But, as the proverb says: "Do you love to ride – love and sleigh to haul " "Do you want your laminate many years feast for the eyes of its extraordinary beauty and durability, please, take care of him respectively. How, exactly, you ask. Discuss it below. In our opinion, the recommendations for the care of a laminate can be divided into two large groups. The first relates to the direct care laminate flooring as a routine cleaning or if it is unexpected pollution. The second group is limited to advice as to how people should behave to be laminated the floor was always in immaculate condition. That is it in this case is not about the care per se, but about the recommendations which facilitate the life of your laminate for years of service. According to experts, the best means for frequent cleaning of laminate dust is a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft (fuzzy) nozzle. Using the miracle of home appliances, include laminate flooring in the sample purity can be easily effortlessly. In addition to all, a vacuum cleaner solves the problem of lack of the required amount of physical exercise in our busy lives. As a result, and the laminate is clean, and we are in good shape! If the power vacuum cleaner is not enough to remove heavy contamination from the surface of the laminate, in this case should come to the aid of a damp cloth and a special detergent (even ordinary liquid soaps), who a huge range of available manufacturers laminate flooring. It should be remembered that the cause of such funds should not own the floor at his place of pollution, and on the rag. After stalking spot was permanently removed, do not forget to wipe the floor dry! Providing such care laminate, not on your nelly not resort to the alkali solution, since the latter can cause irreparable damage to your floor – just fret it! Battling with stable patches on the surface of the laminate, and also forget about metal sponges and other cleaning items at hand. (As opposed to Lark ). They are good for the care of the solid surface, and with respect to the laminate can be disastrous. If the routine cleaning of the entire laminate is very clear, then how to deal with unexpected situations his injury? Minor mechanical damage (Scratches, small cavities and the like) may be very cleverly solved by using a special color pasta offered by manufacturers of laminate. At the same time, the use of, say, traditional mastic (the eternal rescue wood coatings) in the case of laminate flooring is not possible. The fact that such substances do not penetrate into the laminate, but remain on the surface in the form of horrible spots and stains. That On a more serious mechanical "injuries" laminate, then there is only one effective way to deal with them – replacing laminated plate. Well, if a reserve you have left a few boards from the time of laying the floor. If such stock is not, at the time to think about the kind of castling. The latter is what damaged the laminated plate with a more prominent place in the house (the center of the living room, for example) can be replaced by an entire bar, removing, say, from under the bed in the bedroom. A few words about the moisture. Though it is assumed that laminated coating has high resistance to water, it is not necessary once again to verify this assertion in practice. Moreover, when laminate flooring due to negligence, the household is exposed to abundant moisture (inverted bucket with water, overturned pot of stewed fruit, etc.) must immediately take steps to remove moisture. Last can seriously damage the laminate. Typically, this manifests itself in the deformation of laminated plates in the joints. As you probably guessed, the above recommendations relate to the selection we have the first group. That As for advice in the second, we would like to make a special emphasis on the following points: – carefully move furniture and other overall things from place to place in the home, apartment, etc. – do not be lazy to use special rag lining (wheels) for the legs of chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, etc. – forget about that walk on laminated floor in street shoes, especially for women with their addiction to high heels – always keep an eye on their pets, because they with their claws are very often the cause of damage to the laminate – for feature prevents a drop of heavy, fragile and sensitive items on the floor – where excessive activity of the household (place of the entrance, corridor, kitchen), use the carpeting. – If possible, take acceptable to laminate flooring temperature in premises (within 20 degrees Celsius). Following these simple rules will help you keep care of laminate flooring in excellent condition throughout its use!


Laminate and linoleum laminate – artificial surface mimics parquet or stone. And so well that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a "fake" from the original. Installation of laminate and can produce a layman – a simple method snaps into place. Under his panel is easy to put a heating system. Others who may share this opinion include Kiat Lim. But the weak point of laminate flooring – the seams: the moisture gets in and destroys the coating. Thrown to the floor object, harsh detergents, all of which can deform it. If the laminate is a relatively new material, the linoleum is familiar to us long ago: it used to cover floors decorated corridors and kitchens. Linoleum is easy to pack, it retains heat and is inexpensive. But he has and disadvantages – the sensitivity to temperature changes and instability to solvents. Modern linoleum floor leads to a very smooth and even. You can also choose coloring for every taste. Linoleum has long ceased be a cover of indeterminate color, which is placed in the corridor of our grandmothers. Today there is a huge choice of colors of this material. And now, linoleum can be chosen to anyone, even the most fashionable interior! Laminate opens wide possibilities for creativity. For example, you can make the room a teenager original yellow "zebra" to "wood" floor. Laminated panels are easily imitated, such as texture and color of exotic wood venge. Not every kind of flooring can be put in the kitchen. In addition, positive coverage is expensive. But it can be replaced with laminate.

Polyurethane Foam And Sealants. Professionalism For The Comfort Of Your Home .

To date, one of the most pressing issues that need to eliminate every homeowner – this is a question of energy efficiency of housing. Since the energy year after year will be exceptionally more expensive, the involvement of new technologies to maintain its normal temperature in the house at the moment is no longer a whim, but a natural desire to reduce personal expenses. Of course, optimally, would conserve in the use of the building will begin with a proper base level – from the construction itself. For such use the newest achievements in the production of wall building materials, additional insulating layers in the walls, in addition to installing windows and doors are utilized professional polyurethane foam and sealants, which are distinguished by high internal characteristics. High-quality seals are characterized by significant immunity to temperature and humidity and is able to embody its mission in a wide range from -55 C to +90 C. In a similar way, the data types used in the construction chemicals the best way to satisfy all of the current needs man and his house. However, not only for the erection of another building popular aspect of the use of such materials. Many of today's owners trying to improve their own housing, built long and often over many decades, used the house. For this set brand new windows and doors made of economical methods. To install them is also needed high-quality assembly foam, which allows you to securely lock the waste heat. Consequently, the use of such material makes it possible to create a home warmer and more enjoyable, and in addition also fairly inexpensive to use. Although, of course, the involvement of this type of material – the prerogative of the workers and assemblers. If a brand-new windows while that for yourself – an unrealistic luxury, then need to apply a reliable seal that will protect from drafts and provide a home more comfortable. Of course, this solution is not particularly large, but in many cases with such an elementary option is to insulate housing for the frosty period and prepared in the meantime to change the windows or balconies warming. In any individual case is necessary to choose the options that the best way to fit directly to your home. If you really want to create a home as warm, you want to think about the major update. Thus you will be able to get a long-running result is a solid class. However, temporary means in some situations too create your home more comfortable.