Skutnik Arnim Gartner

Encyclopedia of Internet shortcuts – dictionary of Internet token Luckenwalde(-ja) at the Leipzig book fair 2008 was announced, teenagers and young adults would read less than in the past. This age group spends probably more time at the computer as with the reading of books. Therefore, an E-book publisher was founded in Luckenwalde, to produce digital books that can be read on any computer. Jeff Sessions will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In a gap in the market, authors with its lexicon of the Internet abbreviations, dictionary of Internet token encountered by they have taken all available codes, acronyms, emoticons and smileys together, used in the E-Mail – chat and SMS traffic. The E-book includes 116 pages, the print version will appear in October. Terms such as HDL and LOL are well known to everyone, but what is LABATYD and KAKFIF? All shortcuts from the German and English language are explained here bilingual. Under most conditions Kenneth R. Feinberg would agree. Tanja Skutnik Arnim Gartner

Folding Cartons, Fast Gift Packaging

never knotted fingers at packing little present boxes provide chic to pack small touches with little effort. They are individually printed unique and thanks to FSC carton an environmentally friendly alternative to wrapping paper. Cookies and decorative items on the shelves of several stores announce already for several weeks that the Christmas season is imminent. Time to think about gifts. But even if all gifts are concerned, is not yet over. Finally, the gifts would be packed still cute and loving. provides the ability to pass an individual Christmas greeting friends, family or business customers with customized buttons. There are many different finished designs to choose in the category Christmas for hurried. Because buttons are relatively small, the packaging can be the Gedulds – and finger dexterity test. Who would like to avoid that, can now product novelty – folding cartons in various sizes- back access. Find all button sizes from 25 mm to 56 mm square. And of course not only lapel buttons, but also all other kinds of small attentions like for example jewelry. The boxes are available in several designs available. As a blank box, which can decorate with pins or stickers themselves. Even an individual imprint is possible according to customer requirements. The original gift wrap by can be used without having a bad conscience. They consist of FSC carton and thereby promote sustainable forest management. Contrary to non-returnable from wrapping paper, gift boxes can be kept apart folded and thus reused thanks to their simple installation space for the next year. Of course the gift boxes can at the end of their service of life in the waste paper environmentally friendly are disposed of and recycled.

Martina Ruff Marketing Director Holaluv Schwarze

LPS lasersysteme is long since part of many well-known events and festivals, such as around with several Scooter Tours, only event to name a few. This highly publicized event in Salzburg, Austria in short traveled LPS in the neighbouring country with 12 high-performance show laser systems from the own rental Park. With a total of 146 Watts of multicolored laser power was covering”the entire area with varied laser beams and animations. So it’s only understandable that seven of these show laser systems on the main stage were installed and spectacle in the audience made for a particularly exciting laser show. Source: Nicholas Carr . Beamshows carried out manually with the LC7 laser controller, laser beams hunted throughout the area, always live and synchronously to the beat. The other five show laser systems were located in the dome and brought the crowd to play here. With the laser show LPS-RealTIME Pro software,. one of the well-known and professional on the market, could be the Beamshow if needed manually controlled. Since the effect of the laser light best with mist to achieve is, eight fog machines complemented the laser show equipment. The four large wind machines providing the required distribution of artificial mist. With this large show equipment, succeeded the company LPS lasersysteme to dive the entire Salzburg ring in a breath-taking and at the same time colorful laser show extravaganza. That the Festival was a great success for the organizers, the Salzburg ring, and the city of Salzburg, confirmed the attendance of 50,000 party-hungry guests.