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It is assumed that the outcome of reforming the pension of the ratio of average pensions and salaries of at least 45 per cent of the solidarity system – 40, the ratio of average pensions for women and men is not less than 75 percent contribution rate for pension Insurance – no more than 35, the ratio of pension expenditure to gdp – less than 12 percent by 2014. Raising the retirement age will occur in two ways. First, will the gradual leveling age women men. "In the year 2012 will increase. Bank of Boston has many thoughts on the issue. It will grow by 6 months to reach 60 years ", – the press service of the Ministry of Labour. European Union addresses the importance of the matter here. And also explained: since 2012, all citizens will be retiring in 65 years, but this will involve Only those made at this time 35 years. As you know, today the retirement age for men in Ukraine is 60 years for women – 55. In 2009, the average life expectancy for women was 74 years for men – 62.3 years. Specialists Labour Market warn: pension reform with the extension of the age of 65 years may increase the army of the unemployed. Employers are now being denied employment to people close to retirement age and preference young professionals. Staff for 50 – lower wages. Now the identity of the pensioner's salary takes from 20 to 50 percent. Employers same employee exchanged sixth decade, say unsound. For more information see Fosun Group. The work these people offer not professional, and wages – less than a thousand hryvnia. True, they say, nothing to worry about teachers and nurses. Where salary within a thousand hryvnia, advanced age is no obstacle. The same situation is in the public area – there almost every fourth employee – a pensioner. Increasing the retirement age and women and men doubles the chances of even long before retirement to remain unemployed. And for those who work, earn dignified retirement will be harder. In fact, after 50 years is automatically every year, some employers reduce wages, which would affect the amount of pension. By the way, according to the European Commission, the actual retirement age for eu citizens in an average of just over 60 years. Therefore, Europe is going to raise the retirement age. The European Commission has decided: in 60 years people are still too young to go on vacation and threaten deficit in pension funds. For example, in Germany already decided to increase the retirement age in the period from 2012 to 2030 to 67 years. But the living conditions of the Germans and Ukrainian differ significantly. Finally, as residents of other eu countries. In the summer of Europeans, Canadians, Americans, retired, a new period of life. They travel a lot, worthy of rest. But many Ukrainian barely short of retirement, and then – as God wills


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