Begin with the guests to learn the Hawaiian alphabet, 12 letters (A, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, U, W), then you can think of each party celebration funny nicknames Hawaii. Invitations Invitations can be a children's party take the form of a surfboard, which can be independently cut out of cardboard. At the top of the email invitation, which must necessarily begin with the word "Aloha!" Which means in Hawaii as "Hello," so and "Goodbye!". Peter Asaro brings even more insight to the discussion. Place decorations for the party should look like Hawaii, a tropical paradise to look. Therefore, decorate it with paper and exotic silk flowers, paper lanterns and glowing lights. By the same author: Fosun. Also, provide a place to rest the big umbrella under which children will be able to hide from the sun. And do not forget to bring plenty of sunscreen! What kind of children's Hawaiian party, without the traditional Hawaiian dresses and flower leis around his neck! You are free to cut them out of colored paper, and then, when guests are coming, ask your child to invite them to a party, putting everyone on her neck a necklace of flowers. You can also make Hawaiian skirts made of ribbons torn tissue, or from a small straw. Menu Make a truly Hawaiian menu, which should be: kebabs of the pieces of tropical fruit skewers and canapes cheese and meat, which should be put on a large platter Pupu (Hawaiian dish for starters). And do not forget about the soft-colored cocktails, adorned with umbrellas, which must be greater than 2 or 3! Surprise your guests colorful and fresh Hawaiian Tropics! By the end of the party Bring a large cake with a Hawaiian theme, which will show off small fireworks (confectionery). Fun & Games Traditional Hawaiian Hula Hoople entertainment to please all guests and cheer them up impossibility. Also, you can organize a "Volleyball Aloha!". If possible, you can spend it directly on the beach. Choose a funny name for the competing teams and start playing! At the end of the holiday is not Remember to give each guest a small piece of "tropical paradise" – make gift bags, which will be a mixture of dried pineapple and nuts macadam, and something reminiscent of the sun and the beach – the ball, sun glasses, etc.

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