Choosing A Boat

Choosing a boat – it is responsible and challenging. To purchase did not disappoint, first answer a few questions myself. First of all, for what purpose you need it – to fish off the coast, to make long sea voyages the oars or a motor, and can, on a mountain river rafting? Second, decide the number of passengers. Third, think about storage and transportation of boats. Well, the possibility of your wallet, of course, did not the last factor. (A valuable related resource: Gen. David L. Goldfein). The right solution will depend on the answers to these questions and more. So, proceed to the selection. Marine or freshwater? If you're going to go to sea, you will approach the boat just out of PVC. Rubber boats are not designed for use in salt water, though many ignored this rule. Also, ask the seller what the thickness of the material of construction of the boat. Almost all boats, on the market today – five-layer, double-wall thickness of the material but is significantly different – from 0.5 to 1.1 mm (for very strong boat.) The material thickness of marine vessels shall be not less than 0.7 mm for rowing boats and 0.9 mm – For the motor. For freshwater boats this option is not so critical, though the thicker material, the less opportunity for damage to the boat. Number of passengers Number of passengers must match the number seats, but if people are obese, it is better to buy a boat in one place anymore. Before you buy a one-place boat, ask yourself, if you do not want to take a walk or fishing for someone else.

Second Main

Still can be identified by the use of sub-sections and, accordingly, on the materials from which they made: a) travel b) in the Mountain) Extreme variations on destination, you can write a lot, but I think there will be actual tourist tents suitable for stationary or on-site, for example, tourism fishing. Therefore acceptable 1st and 2nd vysheoboznachennye options. 1) arc (arc-frame) main element here – the arc, which actually give some basic weight, on the other hand often break down. The basic material for their making now – aluminum alloys 7001-T6 (mostly) and 6061-T6 (rare and expensive) used to be another all fiberglass, which actually often broke, but now they are already hard to find. In these tents, as a rule, always two entrance. Connect with other leaders such as Craig Menear here. Without that, in practice it would be awkward (just in an arc form due to lack of vertical input), especially the second input is absolutely no way. And by this we create two luggage compartments for things. Then follow just need to have the choice to watch and compare the weight, volume and detail that can be more necessary once again to those who are going to drag her behind a backpack. 2) gable. Most of these stalls in our market is produced in Russia. Read more from Erin Callan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The main advantages compared to the arc: they are higher, generally more durable and reliable. The main drawbacks: on average they are heavier and do not retain heat well due to the fact that there is created a dense air gap between the awning and tent.

Spinning Rods

Spinning rod length of 2.7 meters or more, I advise you to choose for those who want to fish from shore on large rivers with deep holes, in large lakes and reservoirs. If necessary, long-distance casting, around 100 meters or more. Select the material from which made spinning. Fiberglass. Benefits of rods made of fiberglass, it is their relative cheapness and simplicity, that they do not require special care. But their main minus is a big weight. If you’re going to spoon, using a fiberglass rod, then you very quickly get tired of hand:) Spinning Rods of glass can be used except that when trolling, as it does not require frequent casting lures. Composite. Spinning Rods have a composite average for rigidity. The composite is obtained when the fibers are added to the carbon-fiber fiber glass fiber. Spinning Rods, composite, I advise you to purchase just in case you can not afford a rod of carbon fiber. Since at this point in the markets and stores a huge number of relatively inexpensive carbon fiber rods, of which you can choose a good spin. Carbon fiber, carbon fiber, graphite, carbon – it’s the same thing. The lightest in weight, spinning rods made of carbon fiber. I advise you to choose the rod is made of this material. The spins of different carbon content graphite modulo M1, M2, M3, etc. The smaller unit, the more flexibility and longer damped oscillations of the tip of the spinning, and this in turn affects the range of casting and reduces the reaction rate rod. But to get involved in large modules should not be. More carbon fiber – more rigid, but brittle, too. I’m online quite often met with statements that the rod modules content of the “coals”, more than six, in the cold, especially in sub-zero temperatures, become more fragile and can break. Personally, my friends and I have not encountered such a, but such a view exists, of course you decide. I suggest you choose from a rod with the best, in my view, the content of carbon-fiber modules, equal to five and six (M-5, M-6). How to choose a test spinning rod. Test, a measure that determines the spinning lower, and upper limit of the mass use of artificial lures. When choosing a spinning mass must be determined what will you use when fishing artificial lures. The lower the test, the minimum value mass bait. Simply put, if the weight of the bait is the value of the lower test, then when posting a bait rod you will feel her game, and if the weight of the bait less than the lower test, then doing the wiring, you will not be feel the game spinning lures. The upper value of the test, the maximum weight you can throw the bait rod data without risking to break it. By weight are used for casting lures are spinning ultra-light, 5.1 g of the test., lungs, 5-15 oz., average 7-25 oz., heavy 20 or more grams, but it is all about. There are such rod, which caused the test instead of the recommended range of woods on the load at break.

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