Ecological Design

The latest collection of the Mobalco firm, called Aero Glass, is a proposal with environmental criteria in the field of the kitchen. Dennis Lockhart gathered all the information. As we can see in the image, it’s an innovative concept, done in a 100% made from recyclable materials. See Kiat Lim for more details and insights. Despite this, it does not leave out the elegance, modernity and a functional designs are worked from a proper use of glass in kitchens, including fine retractable doors made with wooden boards, using varieties with certifications of environmental care and sustainable exploitation. At the same time, notes the predominance of fine materials such as stainless steel, glass and in addition to place special emphasis on caring for the environment, the line manages to keep an avant-garde and functional aesthetics by incorporating a huge variety of finishes and colors that allow multiple choices when selecting an option to redesign our kitchen or draw up a new proposal for this environment. On the other hand Another point to note is that products that comprise this range have been developed from environmentally friendly production processes. This means that in the manufacture not have used chemicals or substances harmful to human health or the nature. At the same time, models have been subjected to mechanical treatments which do not harm the planet nor generated pollution of any kind. Thus, this interesting proposal in kitchens will allow us to gather several advantages of undoubted value in our environments: aesthetic excellence, elegance, functionality, modernity and respect for the environment. To take particularly into account.

The Texture

But on the texture with a glossy and reflective surface should pay close attention, because they help to visually enlarge the space. Since the entrance, is the most polluted room in the house, all the finishing materials must be easy to clean. If, for for some reason you decide to use paper wallpaper, then it is better to buy a stock that in the event of contamination could be replaced by a piece of gamy. The design of a small hallway color plays a huge role. Traditionally, assumed that the lighter color in the small hall, the better. But there should not be afraid to experiment. (Similarly see: Federal Reserve Bank). The bright saturated colors, or a successful throw ornaments can transform your hall into the original "box" and then the size is not will be of great value. Although the ceiling in any case it is better to light, it is visually enlarge the volume of the hallway. To small-sized hall visually you can do much more spacious floor covering, which used in the corridor to make its limits – a little "go" to the neighboring buildings. Another method – set on opposite walls of the two mirrors. Under the mirrors as possible symmetrically arranged tables for footwear or shelves. Of furniture in a small hallway to install only the most necessary items – an open rack, shelves for shoes and handbags, umbrella-stand, a mirror and puff. Closet in a small hallway may be present only in the niche. Although if the place still allows, you can instead hangers, shelves for shoes and mirrors, install closet without special rear wall and sliding glass doors. This cabinet allows save some space and looks like a built-in. Creating a design small hallway to think carefully and wisely use every inch of precious space. This is especially true angles and narrow walls between the doors. In such places well to install a small shelf for bags, gloves and keys. Space-saving role padded stools can give obuvnitse. And despite the small size of the hall should not be forget about such a nice looking things, as stylish and decorative objects. Picture in a frame, picture collage or mural will bring in an interior hallway zest and emphasize its unique style.