“Golden Silk” More Effective !

"Golden silk" – a program of adequate nutrition for hair. It has long been appreciated regular users of the brand. For old and new friends at the "Golden Silk" is joyous news went on sale new – Shampoo "Golden Silk" in the new format with 400 ml of an improved formula. 30% gentler cleansing, more soft! New packaging saves 30% of the funds. The secret of improvements – a soft base + complex "Shelkosil – design lab "Folk Art". Frequently Charles Lowe has said that publicly. The formula "Shelkosil + soft foundation gives the hair softness unprecedented, strength and luster of silk thread, reconstructs the structure of hair, protects from any damage. “Bull by the Horns”: the source for more info. Efficiency provide three main components: a silk protein, milk protein, keratin peptides. Four steps in hair care – all that is needed for maximum effect: hair growth 1.Aktivizatsiya oil-activator of hair growth will prepare the scalp to perception of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, masks. It activates the system of hair growth, restores their structure, awakens to an active life even the "dormant" origins. 2.Ochischenie type of shampoo should match the type of your hair and be picked up in accordance with the problem to be solved. Such problems of hair, as hair loss, lack of volume, color saturation, brightness now successfully solved with the range shampoos "Golden Silk" 400 ml with an improved formula. 3.Zaschita balm gives your hair a satin soft. Exclusive formula envelops each hair "silk cocoon" to protect from any damage. You can 4.Pitanie give your hair an intensive rehabilitation with the help of masks. They breathe life-giving force in the hair health and beauty. Now you can restore even badly damaged hair. Developer brands physician dermokosmetolog Natalia Pavlova, recommends a program of individual hair care "Golden Silk" for anyone who wants to keep their hair healthy and beautiful.

Vichy Cosmetics

Vichy cosmetic line is available in the ancient town of Vichy with many hot springs in the most remote places in France. That he must VICHY cosmetics name of the brand. Thanks to the healing properties of water numerous thermal springs, which are a huge number in this town, cosmetics Vichy has really unique features, enriching our skin every day amazing substances from nature itself. These the unique properties of the Vichy thermal water used in medicine since the seventeenth century, the far and mid-twentieth century, was born on the first line of cosmetics Vichy skin care products. In Vichy water treatment contained seventeen different mineral salts, trace elements and thirteen, which makes the water especially active. Read more here: Brooklyn Commons. Studies conducted at the thermal waters of Vichy, showed that by penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, it helps relieve itching, redness and irritation. Vichy cosmetics gently on the skin, daily increasing its protective properties against external influences, and quickly relieves the discomfort. After several times of skin looks younger, wrinkles, and the person becomes fresh and healthy. Due to the thermal water and an active trace elements of Vichy, cosmetics for over sixty years, occupies a leading place among the means for skin care, and completely satisfies all its physiological needs. All cosmetic products, which are produced in the laboratory of Vishy are dermatological checks, as well as additional tests on the tolerance of sensitive skin. Buying cosmetics Vichy, you get a daily natural protection for your skin. Doctors and counselors can help you purchase Vichy product that is right for you.

Professional European Hair

European hair to the European type of hair include hair producers from southern Italy and Spain. Why only in these regions of Europe collect, process and sell the hair to build up, ask you a question. There are several reasons: first, that in Italy the idea of an artificial lengthening and making the volume of natural hair by means of attaching additional strands on the basis of keratin, which is called Euro So.Cap; second in this region have developed mass production technology for hair So.Cap and accordingly began to actively sell hair for capacity throughout Europe in the third only in that of all other regions of Europe remained a major base for the direct collection of natural hair, residents of other European countries have fairly weak and thinning hair. With regard to the characteristics of European hair, their natural colors – this is usually shades from dark blond to black. In very rare cases, you can find shades of light brown unpainted European hair, but they always present red pigment. In its structure, the hair stiffer than slavic are straight and curly. Always look shiny, vibrant and healthy. With proper care can serve long. At this stage of European hair on the capsule is one of the most popular materials for hair in Europe, as well as Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Asian hair to Asian type hair include hair from India, Pakistan and China. This type of hair is most common in the world, and this is obvious – on the territory of these countries, over half the population all over ball. In her style, her hair the same way the data have good quality and performance. The problem is that not all types of Asian hair can be used to build up customers with a European / Slavic type of hair. It is also natural colors of Asian hair type – it's very dark shades of hair. Nevertheless, the raw data of Indian hair quite favorable to adapt them for the European consumer, because initially they are soft and pliable, in consequence of their easy to pack, align, cheat. Specialists Hair Professional Ukraine always makes every effort to provide hairdressers the maximum knowledge and information, as well as to offer the highest quality hair at the best price! Hair Professional Ukraine – Cheap Hair Extensions 01004, Kiev, ul.Zhilyanskaya, 55 tel.: (066) 439-39-33, (044) 537-06-0-90