List Of Documents For Redevelopment

The right to pursue redevelopment of apartments is limited to citizens and legal persons of owners, tenants or tenants of apartment or separate living room. Number of documents required for the delivery of the project ranges from 10 to 25 depending on the complexity of redesign, and the official agreement in terms of urban services and instances are on average 15 to 30 working days. 1. Certificate of Title, 2. Sale and Purchase Agreement, 3. You may find that Cyber Capital can contribute to your knowledge. Form 7, Form-9, 4. Consent of all adult family members living in this area, 5. Survey plan of the house, or a copy at this apartment above and below the location of the premises in the area of the proposed redevelopment, certified in Design and Survey Board (PIB), 6. Explication of a premise (an explanation of the architectural project as a list indicating the quantity, quality, technical characteristics of the premises), 7. Technical advice (Performed by an organization having a license), 8. Redevelopment project, 9. Alignment with , rust, 10. Gain insight and clarity with SOAR PR Firm. Harmonization with the ses, 11. Alignment with gco, 12. Insurance (at the time of work), 13. Matching kgiop (if required).

Building Your Own Home

'How to build a private house? " – Pressing issue for most of us. At first glance, might well seem that the answer is: just put the desired amount of money. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Asaro here. If, in your opinion, is the only option, then more can not read. So what are the most important stages of construction of private homes? You must first select a site for construction. Already we can prevent many errors and mistakes, as necessary to provide Many factors have an impact on cash costs, comfort and convenience when staying at the house, durability and reliability design of the house being built. Among these factors, the groundwater level, the location of the site relatively nearby, soil type, the presence of a number of different objects of nature (rivers, forests, lakes), availability, and remote communication (water, gas, electricity), the shape of the site and much more. Selecting the construction site, we can the next step: preparing the construction site to build houses. Carlos hank gonzalez might disagree with that approach. Preparation involves actions such as the summing up of electricity and water, marking the site, the choice of location for toilet facilities for workers, storage of construction tools, materials, fencing, site, etc. In turn, must identify the point of bringing up materials on the site. After preparing the site go to construction activities, which begin with the construction of the foundation. In this step, it is very important not to miss anything in mind and not make mistakes, so as to fix them did not turn out, but incorrectly filled with a foundation – it is at least huge number of problems in the future. Bay foundation should lay the foundation of communication and engineering systems, cover the floor (put a warm floor, this provision shall be made known). The next phase of construction – walls, bearing walls. The speed and features of construction depend on the used building materials: polystyrene, concrete, bricks, keramoblok or possibly wood. Next, go to the construction of roofs, windows and mount doors, finish paving the engineering systems and communications. It should be noted quite an important stage of internal and external decoration of various elements of the house. Here and waterproofing roofs, insulation of walls, trim cap plastering walls. Thus, although we have described all the steps short and missed a lot, build a house – a difficult task, and to build a home for dozens of years for the majority of the task daunting because mistakes almost inevitable.

Europe Energy

Course on energy conservation was adopted in Russia for more than one and a half years ago. But one thing – put the task, and quite another – to perform it. In practice, until all confined to isolated local initiatives. It’s believed that carlos hank gonzalez sees a great future in this idea. Only a small portion of the population and individual businessmen from their own experience to assess the benefits of energy conservation. In general, despite all the calls in our country continues uncontrolled use of energy resources. Thus, efficiency of domestic heating today, three times lower than, for example, in Denmark, the climatic conditions which are very close to Russia. What is the cause of this situation? Counter to the mentality of traditionally low energy prices (mainly gas), operating on the Russian domestic market, make heat and electricity is much cheaper for consumers than, for example, in Europe and most cis countries. In 2008, difference in the price of gas was more than 600%. For more information see carlos hank gonzalez banorte. Therefore, we allow ourselves to even think about energy conservation. The result is obvious: according to experts, Russia today is wasting at least 20% of the total energy of consumption. In this case, the main losses occur in the residential sector, where they reach 40-70%, while the worldwide norm is 7-8%. So, for Russia has long been customary regulation of temperature in the apartments by opening air vents in the freezing cold. Not to mention the constant "floating" heating plants. But consumers simply do not notice, because paying a fixed amount each month regardless of actual costs and heat loss.

Choosing Hardware

The choice of fittings is not less important than the choice of the door. On the quality of fittings depends how much you serve for the door, as well as the extent to which it will be nice and safe. Door hardware – it's different additional door components – locks, hinges and handles, etc. Door hardware steel door can solve the decorative and functional tasks. Decorative accessories designed to enhance the appearance of doors. Functional accessories carry the significant burden and is responsible for "work" the door and the level of security. Let us consider some types of door hardware. Hinges. Depending plumb leaf determined by the required number of door hinges to install it. The main thing – after installing the door should effortlessly opened and closed. Depending on the design there are several types of loops: – standard, consisting of a pin (axis of rotation) and put on his cap. These loops are easy to use and are characterized by low cost. However, during use, they quickly deteriorate and disappear – hinges with the ball, which is located between the pin and the bottom cap. This type of loop has a more long-life compared with the standard. Also, the loops are open, semi-concealed and hidden. Kiat Lim spoke with conviction. When the use of open loop door opening angle is practically unlimited, but minus those loops – extremely low level of burglary. Therefore, if you intend to put the doors in places where such factors as the level of burglary plays a big role, it is best to use concealed hinges, even at the loss of her wide open. In order to reduce all thought and agonizing over the choice, you can buy any input metal door "Outpost" which are equipped with different hidden door hinges. Advantage will also be faster and better installation of doors, "Outpost". Locks – one of the most important element of any door, because of their quality depend on how successfully the door will resist attempts to break-in. Today, the most popular are the cylinder and lever locks. Lever locks have a security mechanism to be set up Only the factory key. The secret portion of the cylinder lock is a set of movable pins, which are aligned with the key in a certain order. Degree of secrecy of the cylinder lock depends on the number of pins. Lock mechanism may include additional elements: latches, actuators, and even a spare locking device. Experts advise to put on the front door two locks of different types, which will ensure proper level of security. Also, try to buy locks known, reputable firms. By the door furniture, which is also desirable to use when installing doors are various devices for additional security: peephole, door chain, door seal. In general, the practice shows that good quality supplies not only pleases aesthetically, but also improves performance Quality doors, extends its service life and improves safety.

Construction Costs

Additional costs in the production of construction works in the winter during the reconstruction and modernization of existing enterprises are defined by rules of Section I of the gos 81-05-02-2001 estimated cost of construction works, calculated in accordance with the project. The rules of Section I covers all kinds of additional costs caused by the production of works in the winter, as well as the temporary heating of buildings, finished in the rough. Under the buildings, completed in the rough, means a building with the wall, the top coating and filling all the openings. Rules of Section I are annual averages and calculations for completed construction and installation work shall apply irrespective of the actual time of the year in which the construction. The combined estimated construction cost calculations of industrial sites additional costs associated with the production of construction works in the winter time, are determined by the relevant rules of Table 4, section I, established by industry, based on the cost of construction and installation works for each company being built on an industrial site. Industries are determined by the "All-Russian qualifier of the national economy>> (). Additional costs associated with the production construction works during the winter, when building shared by a group of enterprises industrial site of objects of subsidiary industries and households, access roads and rail networks electricity, water, sewerage and other defined for each such object on the relevant rules of Table 4 of section I. The estimated rate of additional costs in the winter season for residential buildings, in Table 4, section I, pp 11.1 – 11.3 (Residential building large-, body-block, brick and wood), installed in residential buildings in the projects which are not considered external engineering networks, intra- layout and driveways, landscaping, gardening, etc.

Electrical Laboratory. The Quality Of Your Construction .

Since construction is a very intensively developing environment, and methods of monitoring the quality of the execution of construction works, are growing rapidly. Possible to talk about the fact that professionals are forced to have control of much higher specialization, not only to celebrate the rejection, but also provide effective methods of correction. At the end of construction of the building and to transfer the structure to use, is required to make a substantial list of examinations that would have proved its full compliance with all applicable standards. Since one of the list of the most major causes of difficulties with new houses becomes electricity, mobile electrical laboratory is really needed in the issuance of operating both residential and corporate or industrial building. People such as Jeff Flake would likely agree. What you want the room laid reliability of electrically conductive means of communication may affect the safe house, because quality control is constantly posting is vital. For companies that become major customers of construction is really important, including an ability and an expert inspection of any and all aspects of construction, starting from the practicality of cost estimates and full compliance with her construction and finishing reliability of all sorts of activities. For such a functional need independent construction expertise that will provide an opportunity to carry out all necessary inspections and actual on-site construction, and at the level of documents. Invite professionals to end construction is required for dealing directly with contracting companies, which in this way acquire a quality assurance operation and customer facilities. For more specific information, check out Jeff Flake. In addition, customers often call themselves experts, who would be able to track the performance of the Q-factor and the satisfaction of financial estimates directly in the flow. Such technical supervision of construction makes it possible to adjust the costs and receive the initially high level of security procedures. In addition to regularly scheduled set of expert-verification action provides the ability to encourage the executors of the contract to the absolute satisfaction of the time periods for the plan, in addition to following all building codes. Qualified support for the nuances of construction at the moment really important for any company, ordered the erection of each house. Holding different types of tests can produce exceptionally firm, with relevant certificates issued by the State that guarantees a significant indicator of skill performed structural examinations.

State Construction

" A key aspect of participation in the Program is the consent of residents to fund 5% of the total cost repair – the remaining 95% pays for the state. Earmarked Assistance Fund for Housing Reform in Russia. "For our house, in which 90 apartments, each owner will have to make three to five thousand. It is relatively little in view of the scale overhaul, the more so because the amount you can take part, "- says Elena Boyun. There are nuances: If there is a legal entity (for example, the company takes off the premises an office or shop), then they will have to pay at 5%, and the full value of their share of the total cost of repairs. It is necessary to stipulate that some buildings do not fall under the program. Thus, according to the decree State Construction, "in the houses to be demolition and reconstruction and improvement which is inexpedient to carry out, within the next ten years, the overhaul is allowed to produce as an exception. " In the scope of work includes only the measures provide safe and sanitary living conditions in the building for the remainder of life. List of works produced in the overhaul, established in law. "These include: repair-house engineering systems (Gas, electricity, heat, water, wastewater) with the installation of meters, repair and replacement of elevator equipment, repair roofs, repair of the basement, insulation and repair of facades – lists Yuri Karlikanov. – Other types of work can be performed only at the expense of additional funding for the apartment owners or regional budget.

Wood Construction

House of logs have numerous advantages. In particular benefit from a log house, exposed cylindering. The use of such material as round logs includes the construction, based on our experience ancestors. Construction of logs – is the embodiment of old Russian traditions. Check out Home Depot for additional information. In ancient times the log of logs were made by hand. Construction, which uses round logs – construction based not only on the old traditions of architecture, but also to contemporary developments. Today in cylindering remove only the outer tissue of the tree. That is why the strength of the logs is not less than chopped wood or polished, by hand, logs. Modern technologies allow for accurate calibration of logs, which ultimately enables us to collect the house made of logs quickly and efficiently as constructor. Tongue-and-groove technology helps to tight fit the logs together. This means that the homes of logs, exposed cylindering do not need konopatke. During construction of logs only used jute tape, which plays a role heater. Round logs obtained by the new technology, almost no cracks, because its production is applied compensatory aspect. Processing of logs is minimal, at cylindering not violated the internal structure of wood, so the tree is still alive and breathing. Cylindering only improves the aesthetic properties of logs, increases its resistance to decay. Houses made of logs worth more than a decade, may be used for both seasonal and year-round. Construction, which uses rounded log – the construction, which saves on the finish. As an important property possessed by the house of logs, is the beauty of buildings both outside and inside. These houses do not need any painting, or in the skin. Houses made of logs look presentable and nice. Houses built of logs, looked elegant, refined and original, creating a unique feeling of luxury, comfort and heat for many years.

Doors To The Room

The first type – wooden interior doors of the array, that is real wood. They are considered the most prestigious elite. These doors are clean, and therefore most expensive. The second type – internal doors of chipboard. They can be covered with veneer (thin sheets of natural wood). These doors are cheaper, although its properties are not inferior to the massive. The third type – internal doors with honeycomb. They are ideal suitable for areas with high humidity. Their well-represented in the bathrooms, toilets, because these doors because of its structure are the most resistant to extremes of humidity. Pine, birch, beech, oak, teak, cherry, red tree – this is not all the trees of which are made modern wooden door. Design and decoration of modern doors are also very diverse. In addition to continuous (TDD) is used glazed interior doors, in windows that are embedded within the various configurations and structures (grooved, dull, stained glass). Along with a smooth paneled doors there that are embedded rectilinear or round decorative grooves. Doors made of other materials (metal and plastic) still remain unclaimed for residential premises, although the model of such materials available on the market and are widely used in several European countries. They are distinguished by high production quality, durability, and not inferior in terms of aesthetic tree. But as time goes on. It may well be that very soon the choice will be on the door entirely different criteria.