How To Register A Company

In Russia, the Greatest widely Limited Liability Companies (LLC). Order of their creation and activity is regulated by the Federal Law on Registration of Legal Entities and the Federal Law of 08.02.98 14-FZ "On Limited liability ". Society, as well as any legal person, has general liability for its obligations. The founders of the society during its creation passed the property to the ownership society. Property can be money, money, property rights, securities, and any other property. As the founders of an llc can act as several people and one man. Documents required for establishing llc are: decision to establish a company, memorandum of association (not drawn if the company of one participant); charter company. The memorandum of association specifies all the information about the participants of Company, its composition, the size of the share capital and their share in society, responsibility, conditions and procedure for distribution of profit, the order of release members of the llc, etc. When registering a company in the tax authority the following documents: a statement about the decision to establish a legal person; founding documents, document confirming payment of the fee. After receiving the state registration certificate, a legal person must: register with the tax authorities to register in extrabudgetary funds, to get the codes of statistics to produce print, opening a bank account (and notify the tax office about the bill).

Professional Cleaning

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Gift Wrap Wholesale

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