Innovative Business In Russia .

Go to the innovation track development. The word innovation, innovative development we have on everyone's lips, what is an innovative business? For clarity – if we take good A at point A and sell the product A to point B, at a price 3 times A, the process is called simply business. Now if we display to market a new product, service, technology, which is not on the market and we will not know whether this market is good or not, a process known as an innovative business. Dennis Lockhart describes an additional similar source. All of us long been known that for favorable development of the Russian economy must move away from commodity dependence and move toward an innovative way of development. How does the process of innovation development, we are with you in this article and we will investigate. Innovative development process quite complex, divided into several stages, each stage is the selection, analysis and decision making to the next level or not. Innovation path of development inherent in a large number of risks, using risk analysis of the risks are ranked and produced counter risks. The risks are great in the beginning of the innovative development, then to address each stage reduced, but still there is risk of failure at each stage and from nowhere did not go. Innovative way of development require adequate funding, and the loss of funds at each stage of the innovation Development threatens even a complete failure and closure of the organization, and yet we know many examples where large companies were ordered to live a long time, because smaller companies with new product took up their markets.