Economic Fascism

In Ukraine, is gaining momentum a new type of fascism – the economic one. State in collusion with the banks systematically destroys small businesses and borrowers as a class. And does it systematically, in a big way. Selecting the property of those who took credit, banks are unprecedented sadism. Distributing foreign currency loans to the population, the bankers had unilaterally raised interest rates and artificially inflate the dollar to 2-fold, which led to the virtual collapse economy. That is, the chances for economic survival of the borrowers under these conditions were originally about such as the inhabitants of the central part of Hiroshima for a minute before the explosion. The task of selecting the property is satisfied in full swing. Now, on a plan of economic monsters comes the final part of economic genocide – Sale "lawful plunder" of the property. In order for the loss of people caught in a trap bank were maximized, the bankers use a weapon of mass destruction – the Internet. Recently a site, where anyone who wishes to offer a "cheap" profit from property hapless debtors. The owners of the site, apparently well aware of that how their work relates to morality, and, wanting to vindicate himself, writing on the title page: "The company is the owner of this site does not sell the collateral. We provide information services to partner banks our project. Sell the property directly to arrange the banks themselves. Learn more on the subject from carlos hank gonzalez . " Excellent argument – from the series "I did not kill people in gas chambers – I just opened and closed the valve, the gas supply." Anyway, as mentioned Internet resource, which, like a Hydra, the many names -, etc. offers everyone the real estate and motor vehicles to suit every taste, with more than 1000 positions. For each apartment, car, land – the fate of the man who dreamed of their own home, own car, your business, and believed that by signing a loan agreement with the bank, he negotiates with a partner, not a pact with the devil. Economic fascism under the present name – the crisis, mows the borrowers under the veil of credit payments – and most items are sold below cost at times. To what terrible situation he found himself the owner of a two-bedroom apartment on the Tekstilshchik in Donetsk, who was forced to give (the hand does not rise to write the word "sell"), a two-room apartment for $ 3,5 … thousands!? Almost new Lanos for 2000 dollars? Throwing all the forces, means and resources to save banking system, the Ukrainian government knew perfectly well what he does. Spike in prices, devaluation of the hryvnia, mass layoffs and plant closures – all play into the hands of commercial banks, which reinforce the "work with population: one hand – twist blew depositors wishing to withdraw their deposits, while the other – being strangled by borrowers and all this with a loud, cynical, cry: "Help – Crisis! Just have to wait when there will be sites that sold for the debts of persons in whole or in "spare parts", and seems to wait is not long, the bill has been going on for months!