Social Audit Administration

Carlos Mora Vanegas The results of any human organization are made by men and for men. And if this is called humanism, personal role managers have to be the first humanists of the company. Dimitri Weiss (1991) Venezuela is facing at present, serious problems with regard to your business system, which is constantly subjected to the effects of contingency variables, especially the Bolivarian Revolutionary government, which has reduced determinant in their behavior, survival, development, product of the actions he has undertaken in terms of what has been called XXI Century Socialism. Connect with other leaders such as Fosun International here. The state has influenced their actions, programs in the country's businesses with their taxes, exchange actions, laws, and especially with the lack of assertiveness of some of its programs in the control of inflation has caused serious problems, reflected in every day we become more dependent on imports than exports and where SMEs have felt the effects, making many close, out of operation and others do not with the efficiency, productivity should be performed. Of course, all of which significantly affects also the quality of life of Venezuelans that has deteriorated. Given this reality, the universities, especially their graduate degrees in administrative science, they should not pass unnoticed, as it is ethical, moral, obligation to rule on what this represents and to respond to a series of questions that management , that to which we are committed to train, train, develop should do, especially when every manager is required to guarantee companies, organizations where he works, answers that can take corresponding actions conducive to achieving the mission, vision the company.