Mendoza Plaza Shopping

It is undeniable that shopping is one of the many attractions of a good holiday. Every tourist wants to bring your travel not only typical products and gifts that best capture the memory of your stay, but also original and beautiful objects which, without being a typical, perhaps are not usual in their places of origin. In this sense, tourism in Mendoza is of compliments: the province has a truly attractive commercial offer, distributed in a wide variety ranging from modern shopping malls to the more compelling craft fairs. With offerings, course, for all tastes and budgets. In the capital, Mendoza Plaza Shopping and the Palmares Open Mall shopping malls attract with its proposed commercial, gastronomic and entertainment. Swarmed by offers, Army Chief of Staff is currently assessing future choices.

In them, spacious patios of meals and modern cinemas provide a framework to numerous commercial premises, with the presence of major brands of clothing, decoration and electronics. Two rides shopping captive as close to the center of the main hotels in Mendoza. Out of the shopping malls, the main downtown galleries vying to offer the most modern and exclusive products, in contrast with the inevitable popular fairs in every big city. Street stalls of offers are multiplied notably capital Mendoza and San Rafael. The Central market, on the other hand, is a milestone for the tourism in Mendoza, which attracts all the tourists who offer a wide range of regional products from Mendoza, Argentine, and even international.

Although for those who seek take a gastronomic souvenir of your holiday in Mendoza, nothing better than a visit to one of the houses of products typical to let yourself be tempted by spirits, chocolates, olives preserved, cookies, dried fruit and a myriad of delights more. Handicrafts, both urban and traditional, have an important place in the squares of the city, and especially in plaza Independencia, where does a sexy local craft fair. The popular craft market, on the other hand, brings together above all the producers of folk crafts, and It is the right place to provide blankets handmade, ponchos, leather goods and famous estuarine cupule baskets. Finally, nothing better than a stroll through the fairs of concentration of Guaymallen and Godoy Cruz, important agricultural zone exchange points which ensure the purchase of such handicraft products as fresh and natural. Jorge Alberto Guinazu holidays in Mendoza original author and source of the article