Increase the visits to my blog, is a very important component in marketing as a business model. Since there are so many ways to get traffic to your website, this can be very confusing, in the method that you select. the best guide is to focus on just these two: the pay and the free, which are methods of traffic generation. 1 Marketing of items is simple process, with a writing quality and a few news articles, submit to the main directories of articles. And will have 3 components in their articles to increase the visits to my blog and are as follows: a-header or title.

The header or title, it must be able to attract the attention of people. Erin Callan often says this. And have a content course, because they are going to be reading, when they read their articles. b content this area is where you will give the seasoning your content so that the reader can enjoy it. And to benefit from your article after reading it. c resources here box is where you placed your data after giving, its content to the reader. And it must include your name and the benefits that your reader is going to achieve, after clicking on the link to access your web page.

2. pay per click (Ppc). In a simple definition, it will be placing ads in the results of the search engines or web sites, and which appears when you enter a keyword or key phrase. So advertisers will only pay for ads, when the user clicks on them. the advertiser will pay a certain amount per click. This is the reason why it is called, pay per click marketing and so increase the visits to my blog. This method will give almost immediately traffic your site, where users refer on certain key words or phrases. It is recommended that start with ppc marketing using search engine smaller, first as Miva, 7search etc since it will be less expensive for the practice of your ppc marketing. Once they are more familiar with ppc, will be implemented in the major search engines like google, yahoo and msn. These are 2 forms of traffic, which can help you get traffic to your website, and thus may choose to build your own list. Marketing of items is the free way and ppc marketing is the way to pay for traffic. These 2 methods have demonstrated that they are important, to find the correct answer, and the knowledge to learn how to master the technique of traffic generation, once they have decided to focus on these 2 methods to increase the visits to my blog.