Marketing Department

frequency the frequency of posts in a corporate blog should be not rigidly regulated. Too fast a reader realize that two comment just “there was calamity”, because the Marketing Department has planned a certain frequency and Friday is. Better, it offers less, but in-depth article. Go to Robert Burke for more information. Blog readers prefer a few but good updates many superficial. 4. measure of blog success some typical objectives of a company blog as for example the image care not in figures represent. But of course access numbers are available like for every other part of the company Web site.

It is certainly worth trying more and more to optimize the blog what’s choice of subject, frequency and authors, but also to verify, if not in the immediate vicinity of the blog still potential lump, what about links to new products, catalogs, news, and Newsletteranmeldungen. Because a primary goal of most Unternehmensblogs is directly from the blog ‘real’ customers to get leads that directly and individually may be contacted by the company, sure. 5. decision blog Yes or no? When a company sets up a blog, some points in the run-up to must be clear so the investment not pointless and harmful for the Company will. Because what was once posted on the Internet, is there forever and nothing is stunted embarrassing as a corporate blog announced with press releases then some months with trouble and maintain emergency and finally slowly up to his last sad post. Decision makers should ask themselves following questions: the nature of products and services provides a continuous blog enough “stuff”? Is there enough staff and the location, relatively regularly to feed the blog with good content? Has grown the company of an honest confrontation with users or is it too risky to allow typical blog features such as free-comments? If not all of the questions can be answered positively, you should consider better to put time and money in other online marketing activities. A tip: One way to test the own qualities of the blog is to set up a unternehmsinternes blog for employees. Can be found to live and without obligation, whether the resources for a There are successful blog.