Internet Interchange

" The heart is right that the reason not conoce" , Pascal Every year the 14 of February is celebrated by far joy the day of San Valentin, day of the enamored ones and for another day of the friendship. Of course, it is a special day that entails to an approach towards those loved beings, but especially, with the companion who has selected itself to share that special affection that has that being with whom we have decided to maintain a pair relation. As one remembers to us, from century XIX the produced postal interchange began massively. To this practice giving was added another type of gifts like roses and chocolates, normally given by the men the women. In the United States, this celebration also began to associate with a greeting of platonic love of Happy Valentine' s, sent by the men to its friendly. The gift of roses between the friendly is common and relatives, as much are so the color of the rose determines the message that is tried to express. For example, the red rose symbolizes the love, the white it represents La Paz and the yellow the friendship. Wikipedia remembers to us on this special day, that at the moment is celebrated by means of the known note interchange of love like the Valentins, with symbols as the form of the heart or Cupid, although with the height of Internet has extended the custom to interchange virtual postal. Also in this day the tradition to give roses to those people is common to whom a special affection is had. Of course it is a day of much business for some retailers given to the presents, gifts that occur, especially the one of the flowers and on it remembers them very well to us Mario Diament of the newspaper the Nation of Buenos Aires, indicates the other aspect to us, that although is certain that the love, that in theory would have to be a feeling tax-free, is pronounced so materially in this date that it trains whole and until national economies they depend on his result.