History Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising has appeared in Russia recently, but now has become a full part of the urban space. Meanwhile, the ads appeared in the distant past and its history is more than one millennium. The researchers found that the first examples of outdoor advertising have appeared in the first millennium BC. For example, in the ruins of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis was found a stone with an inscription engraved on it on services of the interpreter of dreams. Among other advertisements antiquities – thousands of inscriptions, graffiti on the walls of the ancient city of Pompeii. A leading source for info: Florida Senator. For more recent examples of outdoor advertising signs are pointing location and Taberah beer. information.

Tired travelers learned that a nearby public house, with inscriptions, signs, located on the approaches. In the Middle Ages advertising plaques decorated the best sculpture, engravers and painters. The first signs appeared beautiful in the XII century. Initially, outdoor advertising has been based on visual images that reflect the character of the institution. For example, over a shoe shop hung a metal boots, and above the bakery, respectively, placed the image roll. Thus, citizens do not need to grasp the meaning of the inscription. The size and quality depended on the number of visitors to signs of an institution, and accordingly, the earnings of the owner. In the cities of the Middle Ages advertising signs also act as pointers to direct people into space. In the fairy tale by Andersen, "about how the storm outweighed signs" in a quiet and quiet town began a powerful storm, swapped all signs of urban schools, "joking" manner of the inhabitants.