History and Evolution

The wood of the glasses in the reading of letters In the reading of letters always must be including the arcane minors since they contribute a great meaning to the final interpretation that will occur the arcane ones. The wood of the glasses mainly talks about the emotions. It is necessary to know that each wood must be read like a particular history, beginning by the ace and finishing by the king. It describes a progression in the evolution of the main personage. Throughout her history the person would gain and will lose material things, or affection.

But arriving at the end of his trip, one will become an individual with authority, with hierarchy, an evolved personage. The ace of glasses shows a state first of pure love, of blessings in power, as he is it the human being when new born: it knows to give and to request love, and only has all the potentialities, although it has not obtained any accomplishment. The same bonanza can be perceived in the two of glasses, that speak of the relation between the people: the boy finds his mother. The three of glasses continue the happiness state, where it is seen group of people who work for a single aim. The person finds in her community an ally with that can work towards a common aim. The four of glasses are a call to the moderation, mainly referring to subjects of the heart. It shows the happy person with itself, and the life that has obtained, perhaps too comfortable with the reached thing to that moment. The break arrives from the hand of the five of glasses.

Like the life, where all the individuals cross some type of crisis when reaching the adolescence, and cry by the lost childhood, this letter shows to us that it is much what is had lost, but something is, reflected in the glasses that still remain still on. The evocation to the past continues with the six of glasses. It marks the time to heal, to watch the past and removing the good thing that one has been, and to arm itself of positive things to do against a new beginning. The seven of glasses indicate in the reading of letters the moment for receiving the gifts, strange and wonderful gifts, but taken care of. Hidden between the gifts it is the danger incarnated by a serpent and dragoon. So what as happens in the same life, when alms are great Source: Note of Press sent by juancarlosmontillo.