Getting Benefit from Running

But we want to hire a mailing or depositing our advertising within mailboxes 80% of leaflets distributed in advertising/doorman baskets end up in the trash within few hours do have to rely on the company that promises me 98% delivery to mailboxes in an area with goalkeeper or baskets of advertising? There inaccessible houses, publicists at the entrance of the portals that is very fashionable for some time, because some neighboring communities try to fend off massive welcome advertising by prohibiting the mailing or placing a common mailbox. Then that happens, people don’t like you propaganda? They associated it with trash? Do does not need to waste my money on buzoneos? No, this is not true, people have the desire to receive offers, discounts free samples, invitations… etc, normally more receptive are women who are between 30 and 50 years, with a medium level of education and the sectors which enjoy frequent response are leisure and beauty products and hairdresser. But beware of the negative publicity, usually happens when we hire companies little serious that the only thing that matters to them is to finish the deal as soon as possible, not controlled by its distributors for lack of resources or for other reason… etc. Why use common sense and do not hire a company that charges you a fee too recessed. There are companies that charge 12.15 per thousand as there are others who are paid up to 30 /millar (always in blocks of flats) is very easy and simple to detect the fraudulent companies, knowing more or less how many dwellings there are in the area, the distance that a dealer in an average of 6 hours, may be we can deduce the amount that will be distributed on a day for each workerfor example if a buzoneador deals 2500 units in one day and the company charged me 12 /millar serious total 30, you believe that the company will cover their expenses with 30!Will much you pay to the dealer? where this the benefit of the company! So care also there are companies that can charge you 30 /millar or more, not because it offers better quality, but because This outsourcing the distribution to third parties… Here the thing worse, since we hired to company A, cast the self-employed PEPE performs it, company A is difficult to make a good profit, and PEPE self-employed by necessity accepts the job although not to leave him a total disaster serious sharing accounts, company A gave us a very nice report with a CD included and will make us believe that everything is to order, these companies only know sell to if same, not MULTIPLICARAS your sales by hiring A company.

Finally extended the policy of Ordinances by the city councils of several provinces, it is good business to raise money and get out of the crisis, a new formula for self-financing and plunge more to SMEs. CARE… in the case of fines complained to the sponsoring company (1500 to 6000). Because this is happening? because politicians already have the report of experts as Recma – that estimate an increase in advertising Bachelor of business investments, with master in marketing Management and several workshops related to the advertising media, viral marketing. .