Coating is the process of drawing on paper or paperboard coating material which imparts gloss and a number of special properties. In the coating composition includes adhesives and plasticizing agents, and pigments, for which use chalk or kaolin. There are several ways Coating: Machinery, vnemashinnoe and cast. Of these, only the first is carried out directly on the paper machine, the other two should be separate equipment. In addition to the cast coating Coating There shabernoe. In this method, the surface of paper or paperboard coating is applied to excess, and then a long, thin plate, called a scraper, smooths and aligns this layer. Depending on the destination board may pass Coating in one or more layers.

Multi-layer coating provides an attractive appearance, whiteness and gloss surfaces. Structure Coated Paperboard Coated Paperboard is made up of several layers, the number and quality of which depends on the variety, type and purpose of the material. Distinguish coated paper on one side – duplex – and a two-way – triplex. Duplex has a bottom layer of the liner, the upper layer and the coated surface. The bottom layer is made of very high quality raw materials – bleached or unbleached pulp or waste paper. This is followed by a fairly thick liner made from pulp, paper or drevmassy poor quality. The top layer is taken bleached or unbleached pulp, bleached or recycled paper drevmassa. In the manufacture of laminated structure of several different. The liner is the same, but the raw materials to surrounding layers should be pretty good quality.