Christmas Dinner

My December is the best month of the year: you receive gifts, enjoying Christmas dinner and you see your family, but apart from that it is the best time of the year as the Christmas spirit can find it everywhere and where you least imagine. If you plan to travel during this time, I recommend that you go to Europe, because cities that put markets like they always do, only now there are Christmas makes them much more beautiful. In these cities you can find medieval squares illuminated with Christmas lights and in some places you will find snow which makes you feel much more Christmas. LonelyPlanet has made a list of the best Christmas markets and I now tell them, remember that you can travel to any of these cities at this time of year, travel agencies know about the magic that these are cities on Christmas, so travel agencies always have good options for you. 1 Cologne, Germany: the market of this city is considered the best in Europe, in this market you can find wood snowmen Rauchermannchen 2 – Vienna, Austria: in this market emphasizes its gastronomy, because they have food and richest of all beverage recipes. 3 Bruges, Belgium: this city is a little secret, not many know of it. With a medieval air, this city has the market on the main square. 4 Strasbourg, France: in this market French and German, traditions mingle that make it a very special and classic market.

5 Prague, Czech Republic: this is a Gothic city, so its market has a different and special touch. You have perhaps never planned a trip to Europe because it represents a very strong and spending probably at these times of the year. We recommend that you go with the travel agencies in Monterrey, because they always have the best packages and promotions for travel to Europe.