Cafe Capsule: Everything You Need To Know

The coffee capsule is fashionable today. Not only guarantee the quality of a freshly made espresso but we avoid the entire process of coffee. The top brands in the market are Nespresso, Lavazza Coffee, Illy The great advantage of the capsules is the ability to preserve the aroma of coffee. The capsules are made with a roast and ground coffee of consistently high quality, which in turn is vacuum sealed in the capsule. The dosage of each capsule is inconsistent with the protection of the capsule against moisture and light, getting each each capsule has the same quality. The grind is adjusted to the characteristics of the machine and the type of coffee that we achieve. Pressing the coffee inside the capsule is correct Nespresso Capsules. The coffee is excellent and is dispensed in capsules for services unit.

Only be used in nespresso coffee. The capsule system is clean and precise. It has the disadvantage however, which has no infusions Capsules Lavazza coffee capsules Express is designed to be used only in machines Lavazza.El system is very similar to the Nespresso system, ensuring high quality coffee. The coffee is dispensed and dams and ground. They offer seven different types of coffees. Unlike Nespresso capsules are marketed teas (chamomile, tea, broth).

There is a very interesting preparation Capsules Illy cappuccino iIly presents a different system. The coffee is dosed in the tea-like membrane. Are therefore not so compact capsules such as those of Lavazza and nespresso Juan Navarro has extensive experience in the marketing of espresso machines, especially coffee in capsules. More information about the and.