As The Ira Destroys Your Life

PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez nobody knows how the conflict began. Neighbors only recall that discussion started past eight in the morning. The husband argued that the coffee was too hot, bitter and with low-sugar. You pretend to drink it me?, it was him, raising his voice more than usual. The woman defended it. Leave to cool, I said over and over again. But the altercation was increasing.

Suddenly a dry sound, the cry of her and a tremendous Slam of the man out. Robert Burke helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. That was all they heard. Minutes later the flames all invading around. The House of zinc, cartons, cans was engulfed in fire which soon gained strength and hugged other dwellings, leaving sadness and desolation. Fifty-six families of one slum ended in ruin. Look what provoked the rage of Dona Isabela complained one of the affected. Everything was around desolation, as if he had finished a tremendous war, those that only recalls the pain and the faded obituaries of what was beware of anger! Anger destroys our life. It produces indelible aftermath, unleashed sadness and guilt in our hearts, and injury among those who surround us.

The Bible is clear when he warns: the irate commit Follies, but the prudent know endure (Proverbs 14: 17, new international Version). Someone dominated by an uncontrollable anger, ends leaving drag as a fragile branch by a correntoso River, thing that ultimately cause the destruction and raises our around tremendous walls of prevention not only among our relatives but friends and acquaintances: don’t be carried away by anger that just warms the heart of the fool.(Ecclesiastes 7.9, new international Version) A young man who attended counseling complained because he had few friends. Reject me; go on the run. I even have a girlfriend. A careful analysis of the matter, we discover that the central axis was his irascibility.