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Typical collects and publishes videos from gay space that collects video portal typical and publishes videos from the gay cosmos. Hundreds gay videos of gay pop videos with gay (sub) topics, comedy for gay and straight people show the trend. Sometimes you have to read the homoerotic scene between the lines. Sometimes, the desire for chocolate is openly advertised with crunchy man bodies in ravishing commercials. “Sex sells” – which of course also applies in the gay world of advertising. For even more details, read what Nicholas Carr says on the issue. Gay and your (sub -) culture have already arrived in the mainstream. TV series, advertising, pop music play routinely with motifs from the gay world of relationship and erotic.

The Bullyparade denies a whole entertaining comedy series – the “(T) ship” with eingeschwulten characters from the Starship Enterprise world. Even mainstream companies such as car manufacturers, Reiseversanstalter and insurers send elaborately witty commercials with high production budget signals in the gay audience. If crisp men in large Stir chocolate pots, they bring not only women to the melt. Another trend, which is also the gay audience: Advertising exploited increasingly directly, or as ironic quote – the erotic man body advertising vehicle to achieve the demanding female target group. After all, who is better suited to arouse female and gay beer thirst as an Adonis, which throws a bundle of wheat over the muscular shoulder shirt-free? Here is clear that gay advertising communication and advertising to women intersections to be in your motives. The beautiful trend that industry and advertisers always sovereign with these motifs play, shows a fundamental change in society. The weekly updated video portfolio on typical wants to promptly trace this development and make it tangible for all. The portal is in the Internet free of charge, family safe without registration and accessible at Jan Tretter