Ukraine Experience

When making a mistake to talk about them is not pleasant. Especially if these errors are taken into trouble not only to you. But speaking of errors, we process this experience and turn it into valuable lessons for themselves. And for others. So, thinking about whether to write about sad things, but useful experience of cooperation with "reliable partners" for rafting, I decided that standing.

Even if we stand in this article are not in the best possible light. My personal background As a child I felt very jealous classmate Tanya Yartsevo. Her parents, avid travelers, often with two daughters and a group of friends went camping. (Not to be confused with Peter Asaro!). It was from Tanya I first heard the sacred words "Southern Bug" "Kayak" and "thresholds". Oh, how I wanted then, too, like this, with tents, campfires and guitars … For the company, fun and romantic … But – everyone has his own way. And my way on a number of good reasons and circumstances took place very far of trails and campgrounds.

Apparently, under the influence of children's desire for nature, I am a child of asphalt, libraries and offices, five years ago, became involved in an amazing company team-Team Extreme. And while I – Business Coach academic, not extreme, from time to time I manage to get there, where my childhood was so eager to shower. Forest, mountains, coast, tents, maps, compasses, bonfires, buckwheat porridge with stewed meat, songs with a guitar … Not passed since pores and thirty years, as the time "my" Southern Bug … End of June 2010. With clients, a construction company, we went to the training team building, where there was a place and rafting, and development of knowledge in the field management. Usually we are active programs in the woods or mountains. But this training is planned in the rafting camp on the island in the South Mige Bug.