Top 10 Marketing Strategies

This beginning of decade is being really interesting for all the professionals of Marketing and without fear to mistake, we must draw up to me before and after the present stage. At the moment we are living a change on economic and cultural cycle that repels in all the areas of the economy of a country and, logically, in the consumption. The recession has caused that the consumer not only slows down his purchase, if not that begins to act lately with certain rationality against the maintained impulsive conduct. The market is undergoing important changes and will pass invoice to those companies that are been of backs to the needs of the consumer and they have not known to react to them. Clearly we perceived that the consumer is more and more demanding and who every time owns more information on products and markets at the time of making a purchase, therefore, it demands a greater added value. Air Force Chief of Staff may also support this cause. Internet has come to remain and it knows it to the client and it is worth of it to buy with knowledge. Far they will be the stages in which people acted by impulse, by that there will be to be more preparation at the time of the sale and will be necessary to re-invent the strategies to animate to the consumer and to activate therefore the market. To this it is united the competition, that at the moment are becoming more and more aggressive, reason why mechanisms as the loyalty systems must receive major protagonism.

It is not a secret that the attention to the client is a fundamental element so that the tandem company/market has a good gear, reason why the companies will have to adopt strategies more flexible than they allow them to adapt to the needs of the same and to sell solutions more than products. All the changes that are being developed in the market, are going to give protagonism to him to the client, reason why the companies will be forced to evolve under an optics of Strategic Marketing if they want to follow in active-duty. During long time they have not known to value the contributions of the client and this time will end up passing invoice to all those that have given the back to the market. For this reason, and like important measurement, the companies have of: – To be conscious that while the clients have the option to buy in another place, the companies must fight to reach the maximum satisfaction of the client. – To count on a data base of the clients updated and totally operative. – It is precise to know the place that occupies our company in the mind of the consumer. – To establish the mechanisms precise to maintain an optimal attention to the client. – To contribute to an added value to the expectations of the client.