The Style Of The Drunkard

Popularized in the movies of Jackie Chan. The style of the drunk, is a genuine and unique technique of Chinese martial arts, which is based on Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Although it did not constitute a separate style, Yes appears as specific form in almost all styles of Kung Fu which further developed its appearance. Lord Peter Hennessy is likely to increase your knowledge. Forms of the drunk are known losses, i.e. technical forms which should be transmitted only to a few students that had deposited by their potential fatal effects much confidence. The origins of this mode of struggle that emits a drunken person originated almost to a Millennium ago. In the period of the dynasty Sung (960-1206), by this time a well known wrestler lived Lu Chi Sam, who is refuge in the Buddhist monastery of the Wu Tai mountains and Monk, was made to escape the authorities once a night by his drunkenness accidentally killed a man. Once installed in the monastery Lu continued drinking, until one night he came more drunk than usual and the monks fed up by this situation decided to prohibit the entry, what provoked the rage of Lu defeating more than thirty monks and tearing down the gates of the monastery.

The next morning he began to recall everything that happened the previous day, thinking about the type of movements and fighting techniques that had been used to arrive at this devastating result, and decided to practice them in regular and organized way. Then decided to teach this new method of fighting, being born so what today is known as the drunken style. By then, the style of Lu was called the drunken Lohan, referring to the first State of Buddha (Lohan) when Taoism graven in Chinese culture, the precedent of the drunken tradition was enriched with the Eight Immortals mythological figures, legend has it as the Eight Immortals came to the Party of the Jade Empress, mother of the Emperor of the 33 heavens.