The Scientific Revolution

– As a continuation to the theme of Homonatropia as a social revolution following is a fashionable topic in all political systems of the world, you understand, capitalist and socialist or communist. It is very common and almost necessary to have a degree of “height”, read, Graduate, Engineer, and others which define or allow a person to find employment in the labor market, undoubtedly there are other requirements imposed by firms to able to give employment to a person otherwise and although there are “lower levels” also requires certain characteristics in order to meet the demands of the business. In a world of competition and profit accumulation of training of individuals is eminently necessary, but forget about the suitability of a person to hold office without being a college graduate,

there may be a person discharging office without necessarily having a bachelor’s degree or engineer only possess the necessary expertise in the specific subject and further preparation in business. These words serve as an introduction or a way to criticize the system established as the most suitable, do not forget that this system, the operator is equal in a capitalist or socialist political system, just change some principles regarding administrative and property but the process of exploitation of nature and human beings is the same. Human beings and nature as a resource. Unable to sustain a system as currently conducted, and is showing a large iceberg tips, both economically and in terms of employment and protection that people should receive both employed and unemployed, ie social is also in crisis.