The Rights

This in a context of subalternizao of work to the order of the market and dismount of social and working rights? autonomous worker and informal work. In this context, the poverty is naturalized by the legitimated society and for the neoliberal speech, as a structural problem. It has an incompatibility enters the structural adjustments of the economy to the new international capitalist order and the social investments of the Brazilian state, this speech comes stimulating a new form of confrontation of the based social matter in the revisited filantropia, the humanitarian action, the moral duty to attend the poor persons, since whom this if does not transform into right or public politics directed to justice and equality, as well as, to the return the programs residual, guided for a privatizadora perspective. According to author, is in construction a despolitizada form of boarding of the social matter, the poverty and the social exclusion. Despolitiza the recognition of the Brazilian social matter, as expression of relations of classroom and in this direction disqualifies it as question publishes, politics national e, dislocating the poverty of the debate politician. This implies in the trashing of the public services, destitution of labor laws and social, in the jibs constitutional, that is, they grow ' ' abysses between the real country and the country legal' '. The redefinition in the paper of the state in relation the social matter, considered for the neoliberal adjustment, is reducionistas proposals that empty and deprive of characteristics the institutionalized mechanisms of social protection. This new configuration in the paper of the state causes the growth of the third sector, therefore, the State goes to complement what way was not obtained market, family and community. To finish the author pontua that, the extended reproduction of the social matter is extended reproduction of the social contradictions, that does not have ruptures in the daily one without resistance, without confrontations and that if the professional intervention of the social assistant circumscribes a dispute land, is there that it is the challenge to leave the slowness, to construct, to reinventar mediaes capable to articulate the social life of the subordinate classrooms with the public world of the rights and citizenship.