Gas Boiler

In the highly volatile climate of the Russian can not do without special heating equipment. Usually this is done using boilers. It should be a little bit about the types and how they work. By itself, this boiler is a closed vessel in which the coolant is heated to the desired temperature, it serves to provide consumers with heat and hot water. The main types of boilers are – gas, electric and combined. Also boilers are divided into liquid fuel and tverdootoplivnye. Before Sanchez choose one or the other type of boiler, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics. This efficiency, power rating, operating temperature range used coolant, pressure coolant, hydraulic resistance. Boilers – only work on wood fuel pellets, usually this kind of little use. Electrode boilers – the heating process in electric occurs through ohmic heating, ie, without an intermediary. The advantages of this type is, firstly, the lack of water when turned on, therefore, there will be no – or the consequences and the release of his failure in the absence of hot water. Secondly, electrode boilers are more compact than TENovye. And, thirdly, the deposition of scale did not significantly affect the performance of electrode, but reduces its power. Deficiencies in these boilers, unfortunately, more than merit, are just some of them. Current is passed through a heat transfer fluid and this increases the risk of electric shock and makes it impossible to use current device. For this reason, often the airing of the system. Sometimes the poisonous gases allocated to electrolysis, it depends on coolant. Required to conduct additional water treatment coolant conductivity. Electric kettle has a constant power, rather it depends strongly on the temperature of the coolant in the system. When using it, there may be large voltage spikes when on and off the boiler. This is especially otn6ositsya to boilers with high performance power. Requires constant monitoring of the input current. The most popular in Russia, are gas-fired boilers. This is largely explain the relatively low availability and price of gas. The fuel for them is often a propane – butane or methane. The principle of operation of gas boilers is that doing to the burner, the gas includes an electronic ignition. Then ignited igniter, and from him is the main burner, which heats the coolant, which is in the boiler to the desired temperature. When the temperature drops, the burner is lit again each time. Gas boilers are separated: the method of ignition, at the location, the completeness of fuel energy, the functional capabilities and the type of traction. The choice of the type of boiler depends of course on the preferences of the buyer. But to date, all is most comfortable, safe and cost-effective are gas boilers.

HDTV Image

Moreover, most modern video projectors are not designed for the installation side – being violated modes of heat transfer tubes powerful projectors. Besides the usual video-formed 'vertical frame', where one can hardly find. Most often, this special promotional or entertainment projects, sometimes – the placards. So, if the screen we just need to play regular video, SD or HD, it remains to choose between 4:3 and 16:9. Usually, in such cases recommend 4:3 as the most versatile. 'On the 4:3 screen is always possible to display a 16:9 image, filling the screen width. And if you have a collapsible screen, you can deploy it so much as needed to play a specific format. " Arguments are not indisputable. First of all, if even the width of the formats, the size of individual pixel SD increase of 2.67 times relative to the pixel in HD. In the case of alignment adjustment, the projected increase is only 1.88 times. But the larger the pixel on the screen, the greater the probability of grain images. Second, keep the mobile screen is not deployed until the end – it is necessary try. If the screen is stationary and easily takes any intermediate position, you will still have to lift the optical axis of the projector in HD-mode. Seems more sensible solution: select the format of the screen basic format of the projector. The very same format is well chosen so that it matches your needs: 16:9 – if largely expected to show large-format videos (movies or HDTV) and 4:3 – if the principal is a television format. Approx. Auth. Projection screen size is usually chosen so that its width is not more than half the distance from the screen to the viewer. If the source appears as a standard of quality is fears that the pixels are the image will be too noticeable, you can use the 'rule of three diagonal' – diagonal screen size should be three times smaller than the distance from the screen to the audience. Matt and gloss What type of coverage you prefer? Screens with a matte finish give a uniform diffuse scattering of incident light. The image can be clearly seen from any angle, the screen is lit evenly. These screens are simpler, cheaper and more universal. Glossy screens are mirrored and reflected back (reflective). The first act like an ordinary mirror: the angle of incidence equals the angle of its reflection. The projector is located near the ceiling, and image reflected in the screen down to the audience. Reflective coating comprises a reflective microspheres. The reflected beam returns to the same point, where he was sent to the screen – the projector is on the shelf in front of audience. Both types of coatings tend to reduce the angles of view and increase the comfort of uneven screen illumination. Instead we get a more vivid and sharp image, but is what they say about the coefficient light amplification shield.

Window Air Conditioners

But window air conditioners also have significant drawbacks, which must be paid at the lowest price. Monoblock construction makes this type of air conditioners rather noisy, and the installation of the window reduces the window lumen. Casing split-system is a powerful air conditioner (not less than 5 kW), which is installed directly on the floor. Its main advantage is that its installation is not necessary to use a wall or ceiling. This can be useful for building, interior of which has artistic or even historical value. For example, museums, galleries and monuments. Column conditioners can create powerful directed air flow in front of him, which is beneficial to use in large rooms. For example, a columned air conditioner can be installed in hallways, auditoriums. Functionally, the tower air conditioners are not inferior to others types of air conditioners, but the range of use is limited due to large size and high performance. In some cases, in addition to a shared set of features, tower air conditioners can be built electric tensor. Some colonies have air conditioning and pressure fans can connect the air ducts for air distribution point for the room. Ducted split air conditioning systems are designed to several rooms simultaneously. Duct air conditioner consists of two blocks – the condensing (outdoor unit) and evaporator (indoor unit). It is primarily designed to operate in recirculation mode. Indoor units of air conditioners installed in the channel ceiling, in closets, etc., and the air is taken and distributed to the ducts of air-conditioned rooms.


Coating is the process of drawing on paper or paperboard coating material which imparts gloss and a number of special properties. In the coating composition includes adhesives and plasticizing agents, and pigments, for which use chalk or kaolin. There are several ways Coating: Machinery, vnemashinnoe and cast. Of these, only the first is carried out directly on the paper machine, the other two should be separate equipment. In addition to the cast coating Coating There shabernoe. In this method, the surface of paper or paperboard coating is applied to excess, and then a long, thin plate, called a scraper, smooths and aligns this layer. Depending on the destination board may pass Coating in one or more layers. Multi-layer coating provides an attractive appearance, whiteness and gloss surfaces. Structure Coated Paperboard Coated Paperboard is made up of several layers, the number and quality of which depends on the variety, type and purpose of the material. Distinguish coated paper on one side – duplex – and a two-way – triplex. Duplex has a bottom layer of the liner, the upper layer and the coated surface. The bottom layer is made of very high quality raw materials – bleached or unbleached pulp or waste paper. This is followed by a fairly thick liner made from pulp, paper or drevmassy poor quality. The top layer is taken bleached or unbleached pulp, bleached or recycled paper drevmassa. In the manufacture of laminated structure of several different. The liner is the same, but the raw materials to surrounding layers should be pretty good quality.

Blinds For Home And Office: Debriefing

So, what are the blinds and where they are used? To begin with, the blind do the decorative and protective role. Designed blinds so varied that they can be applied in virtually any room, be it an office, private home or regular apartment. Thanks to the systems of regulation, blinds perfectly controlled degree of ambient light and air flow. They understand the management, stronger and easier to clean. Shutters are made of various materials: aluminum, bamboo, wood and fabric. With a variety of materials and colors of performance, great fit blinds to any design. There are two types of blinds: vertical blinds and horizontal. Vertical blinds have won many admirers. A simple sliding system, the variety of textures and color schemes have vertical blinds elegant addition to the room. They are used as offices and residential premises. Garnish with vertical blinds, you can use curtain or combine them with any other kinds of curtains. Curtain salons offer blinds made of wood, straw, fabric and aluminum vertical blinds. Horizontal Blinds – products of horizontal lampeley different widths. Large range of colors and materials able to satisfy all tastes and complement the interior. Horizontal blinds are equipped with simple and reliable slewing lampeley. These blinds underlined the severity of business environment. In a residential area horizontal blinds will effectively control the flow of light. They can decorate any curtains, creating a feeling of comfort in home. Also, horizontal blinds are used as office partitions. Another view – roller blinds. This is a convenient and practical way to design a window in the kitchen, bedroom, children's … Roller blinds can be reflective, anti-dust and anti-bacterial. Wide color gamut allows for blinds in every room. Inside, you can order curtains blinds with scalloped edges or decorate them with a fringe. Clean roll Venetian blinds with a damp sponge, so that cleaning will not cause trouble. Blinds today is one of the most popular and practical ways of window decorations. This is an economical alternative curtains, which budget and save labor costs, complementing the interior.