Nichtablehner Profiverhinderer

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76 percent of Germans say the energy transition survey by GfK needs role models and the Germans are torn internally Polarstern in the energy reference: your high ecological awareness is reflected directly in their behavior. The energy revolution our time for the majority of German citizens, although one the three most important issues. But only around eight per cent * even eco energy. The Germans need more eco role models, so the result of a study of the FRP and Polaris. Over three quarters put on their traction, to promote the energy revolution. Primerica online describes an additional similar source. While 70 percent know that it’s ultimately each individual, to support the expansion of renewable energies. The logical conclusion is: everyone must go ahead even with good example. Why demonstration but so much harder than us making up, explains Professor Andreas Ernst, environmental psychologist at the University of Kassel: there are social Mainstreameffekte that often prevent a change in behavior in favor of environmental and climate protection. If we act in accordance with the dimensions,. We do not notice. By the same author: Craig Menear. We feel that to do the right thing, because our friends, acquaintances, and family just do it. We think not about it.” But, as Andreas Ernst show resistance research, for example, that individuals can still contagious effect their behavior. When you’re not alone, it is easier to shear off from the crowd. “In this respect can brave ‘ individuals have quite the direction and others successfully encourage environmentally and climate-friendly behaviour and encourage.” The search along the lines the ideal draught horses are people like you and me”, says Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris. The GfK survey also shows that only 27 percent to the State and large companies trust. With the climate and environmental protection, especially people from the own environment affect us. That is, the closer we are more a role model, the effect”, Andreas Ernst confirmed.