New Generators

There is talk and a lot of clean and renewable energy, but all have problems of performance and sustainability, if not profitability or dangerous. If there is something common to all these is that the end result leads to electrical energy. My intuition leads me to wonder, yporque give as many rounds to reach the same place?, Ie yporque not take the bull by the horns and stop being such paraphernalia? I mean, we know that a magnetic field produces electric current and movement, and an electric current a magnetic field. I'm not finding anything that is not known until today, but I can say that what we know today under electromagnetic phenomena, is, for instance, as to believe that the earth was flat or that the earth was the center of the universe . We know the self-induced current (inductance) in a solenoid or electromagnet, and as a result, the same polarity change, an issue not taken into account, but if the thermal effect (eddy currents) as well taking into account first, and trying to exploit this phenomenon, as a quality or advantage that applied in the operation of the new generator that consists of two rotors and two stators would be able to open a new eraa a .. . I need company or institution that is interested in it, I have no means to pull it off. . In science, observation always trumps theory, no matter how noble the theory might be.