Social Media Marketing

In the course of the year 2010, 16% of companies and traders who develop marketing strategies and advertising in the internet, experienced its highest performance in relation to the investment developed in social networks like Facebook. According to the data of a research conducted by EPiServer, increasingly increases the number of companies and traders who implemented commercial initiatives or strategies of marketing through social networks, while email continues to be the main tool in the digital channels with which measure more rigorously the ROI (return of investment). The results of the research indicate that 38% of companies surveyed stated that the e-mail was still its digital channel more profitable, while other media and media as corporate web sites and blog were considered as the most profitable for 21% of companies. Social media marketing is not, such as email marketing, where you can see the number of emails that send, that open, the clicks that are made, the number of conversions, etc. To broaden your perception, visit Mike Madden PostEverything. Most of what happens in social networks is behind a login, so that the old method of quantifying the traffic doesn’t work. Same with any other means of marketing, every business has its own reasons and objectives in reaching your market through social networks, so you listen to and measure, actions will be different in each case.

However, as regards social networks, the return on investment achieved in Facebook ranked third, ahead of channels like mobile Youtube and Twitter campaigns. Whenever northland listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Looking to the future and for the next year 2011, 24% of companies claimed an increase of its investment strategies for email marketing, followed by 22% of that bet most strongly by publications to commercial web sites and blog mode. In parallel, 17% of the companies said it will invest more investment and resources through social networks such as Facebook to add 14% of those companies that said they will invest the bulk of its budget in mobile marketing campaigns..