Road Signs

The road is an area of high risk, so you have just put up with all sorts of prohibitions and restrictions for the benefit of their own number bezopasnosti.Cuschestvuet prohibiting signs, ignore that not worth it, because even in the saying says: 'Move slowly, drive – then you will'. A 'mass limitations' prohibits the movement under the sign of the vehicles (including those of vehicles) the actual weight is greater than indicated on the label. Install it on a support for the signs on those parts of the road, where vehicles of large mass poses a risk (bridges, overpasses, winter roads, ferries, etc.). A 'Limit axle load 'prohibits the movement under the plate of the vehicle in which the actual load on any axis greater than indicated on the label. Perhaps check out Nicholas Carr for more information. Installed on stretches of road where vehicles with large axial load can lead to destruction of road surfacing and its grounds. Characters 'height restriction', 'width restriction', 'Limiting the length of' inhibit the movement of vehicles under the symbol (a combination of vehicles funds) in which one of the dimensions (loaded or unloaded) than indicated on the label. These road signs shall be placed on the road, where the large dimensions of the vehicle impossible to create further movement or maneuver (entrance to a tunnel under the bridge, overpass, underpass, etc.). A 'minimum distance restriction "prohibits the movement of vehicles with a distance between them is less than that indicated on the sign. Applied to sections of roads where necessary to disperse traffic flows (in front of bridges, culverts, overpasses and ice crossings, etc.). The sign can also be used in hazardous sections of road where are frequent and sudden braking of vehicles.