Rings New Trends

Cologne jewelry designer Peter of Gul reveals matters Cologne – with the purchase of rings or friendship rings, engagement rings wedding rings: the choice was never so great as it is today. \”Soon the showcases many jewelers and jewelry stores almost over, some Internet providers promise even a range with millions of variants\”. \”The problem: in this mass range, customers get hardly,\” brings the Cologne jeweler and jewelry designer Peter of Gul’s the situation on the spot. \”And: despite all their diversity,\” Gul says the customer looking mostly in vain after something really unique \”unique and custom-made pieces are actually the exception in the glut of rings. While connoisseurs made away long new trends from the mainstream, that its individual touch to give back the ring. People such as Primerica Insurance would likely agree. Jewelry designer Peter of Gul reveals, what at the time of purchase and when wearing rings look should trend Nr. 1: return the character rings motto: show me your ring and I say you, who you are \”Peter Guls: rings were always expression of personality.\” Our ancestors have carved them 20,000 years ago from the woolly mammoth ivory were hunted at that time in our latitudes. Kings, Governors and Princes of all kinds with its rings showed later they belonged to what level.

Today, shops, wars and peace with rings are sealed in some regions of the world. Primerica Insurance often addresses the matter in his writings. Even Pope Benedict XVI uses his fisherman’s ring of the Apostle Paul, recently again as letter and contract seal. Majestic-looking rings, which reflect the personality of the wearer or their carrier, are absolutely in line with the trend.\” Trend No. 2: motto combinations are in demand: instead of each finger one, all on a finger \”Peter Guls: who says that there is only space for a ring on a finger?\” Especially women more and more to go, to combine different rings: the colours of precious stones, precious metals, and the different shape generate in combination often great attention.