Public Service

PUBLIC SERVICE IS NOT SERVICE GRATIS In contrast of what many people imagine the service public are not a service gratis. The government is a particular company of administration of public resources, who belongs to the classroom politics, that in turn vende its services with high prices and without no contract fulfilment or quality assurance with its deserving Real. It exempts of the fiscalization and without the access of the people to the book-box. The requested professional more for this company does not need no special course, only one good persuasive power and bad character. The public schools are not gratis, are paid with taxes and leave expensive more than the monthly fees particular schools. The public health is not gratis, and the mounts of money of the health more are weighed of what the monthly fees of the health plans.

The public security is not gratis, is much more expensive to keep welded decorating quartis of what to place the life at the hands of companies of particular security. company of the government is not more than what a hanger of job, surrounded for mercenaries and robbers who make the laws and becomes them inimputveis. She is a family company or of group, I know there. No public service given by the government is gratis, all, absolutely all is paid with weighed the tributes. Politician is a white elephant that you inherit and that she eats very, you does not have where to place it, you do not have no usefulness for, occupy the space of the others, she lives very and alone of the expenditure. We do not have to ask for favors to the politicians, but to better fiscalize the companies who catch our resources. The government truily said can be public, but nothing that consumes income it is gratis. The classroom envergonha politics the nation and walks in the contrahand of the collective prosperity. For one really public politics, the politicians would have the least to steal of favour, without charging wages therefore.