Unfortunately, all this is not true of the linoleum. Here, the coating should be treated more carefully, if you do not want ensure that you have the appropriate signs, mutilate your perfect floor. Furthermore laminate, in contrast to the linoleum, not burnt and is ready to withstand high temperatures. However, laminate floors are very smooth and slippery and your cat here will be difficult to catch on nails. 3.

Laying. Laying laminate flooring requires no special skills, as well as any additional equipment, you can cope well and independently. Peter Schiff may find this interesting as well. Secrete adhesives and glueless (Castle) way of application. In the latter case the time required to stow all boil down to a minimum – just need to snap a plate next to each other. Another plus an installation – possibility to replace damaged plates! Laminate pre-leveling floor is not required and can even be laid over old paint. Laying linoleum and does not require special expenses and it is in force any owner of the house. But for linoleum is required even floor because This coating is repeating even the small twists and bumps that are not very pleasing to the eye.

In the laminate, there is one very weak spot – the seams between the panels. If they do not handle a special composition, then they can get wet, mud and sand that can cause damage to the edges of the plates. 4. Ease of maintenance. Laminate is afraid of water, and wash it can only be a very well-wrung cloth and desirable especially for this cover detergents. It needs to be vacuumed using a special attachment for flooring, otherwise you and scratch. Linoleum can be washed as you'd like and what you wish, and even very hot water. However, laminate is not afraid of difficult spots, both on green fodder, oil, wine, etc., which can not say about the linoleum. Conclusion: The pros and cons like linoleum and laminate flooring in there for each of us selected criteria. So, the choice will have to do each independently taking into account what the pros and cons for you more essential, and which generally insignificant. However, remember that this is not an exhaustive list of criteria against which to approach the choice of flooring. And always browse the new trends on the market floor coverings! Here, as elsewhere in the trade, the rule: what was new today, tomorrow will be too old.