Plastic Profile

How to choose a plastic profile? What is a profile window? Profile Window – the main carrier of window design, frame. A profile consists of two parts: a stainless steel interior, which serves to stiffen the structure, and outer plastic. What are the differences between the profiles? Currently, the market represented a large number of specialized systems from different vendors, so the logical question arises' What is the profiles differ from each other? ". A related site: Dennis P. Lockhart mentions similar findings. Distinctive features of plastic profiles: the number of cameras, more cameras in the profile, the higher its energy-saving features. On the market there are suggestions, with 3, 4 or five cameras. design – the main visual difference between the profiles, some people prefer profiles of strict forms, while others like the soft edges. type of plastic – from plastic depending environmental profile, their reliability and durability, resistance to climatic changes. The most high quality plastic manufactured in .Itak best choice for your profile plastic windows – a four-, five-chamber profile, produced by the German plastics.

Major firms, manufacturers of plastic profile: kbe kbe firm has forty years of experience in the production profile for plastic windows. Farallon Capital Management is full of insight into the issues. The main factory is located in Germany, recently opened a plant in kbe Voskresensk. pvc windows from Profile kbe have the following advantages: Adaptation to the Russian climate Liberal pricing greenlineA original recipe here sold high-quality plastic windows kbe firm rehau rehau – widely known German Manufacturer profile, renowned for their windows rehau impeccable quality and excellent design. rehau offers 4 types of profiles: rehau Basic Design – Cost-effective solution with a system depth of the box 60 mm for an object to standard construction requirements. rehau Thermo Design – Classic System with a depth of 60 mm for the object construction Four-chamber system with a depth of 60 mm is suitable for use in buildings with relatively low requirements (by European standards) to conservation. rehau Brillant Design – Focused on the design of the system with a depth of 70 mm and 80 mm for high-rise building window profiles system REHAU-Brillant-Design combines enhanced thermal protection with a variety of design solutions. System seals on the porch of a five-chamber profile with a depth of 70 mm and profiles with a depth of 80 mm meets the highest standards for energy efficiency.

Smooth and shiny surface profiles, chamfers or curvature of the outside doors and exquisite color palette is impressive. We offer excellent pvc windows rehau Thyssen Favorite Profile Thyssen Favorite is an international company Deceuninck, which takes 5 th place in the world, production of pvc profiles. New windows Thyssen Favorit – a complex system, which was originally conceived and developed specifically for Russia, with its severe climatic conditions, is a joint product of German and Russian specialists. The concept of the new system meets the following requirements: a window system 'Favorit' warmer than the existing systems of threechamber profiles withstand all thermal loads (including very low temperatures, Strong wind and solar radiation), different heat and moisture resistance. In addition, the important qualities we believe an elegant design, excellent components and surface profile, and long life system. Wide range of colors and affordability pleasantly surprise customers. Profile Thyssen has: 5 air chambers width of 71 mm Drainage Elevated energy saving features