“The Environment Is Not An Issue Of Militancy Or Green, Is A Matter Of Common Sense “

"The environment is not an issue of militant environmentalism or very biased, it is a matter of common sense." These are the clear words of Juan Carlos Bozzo and Bozzo, rabbit red rag journalist who became famous during the last decade for its "green note" of the television news program "31 Minutes", the film version was exhibited in Coyhaique under the Second Film Festival Patagonia made this weekend in the southern city. The phrase is not coming from a child expert, who to his credit already has two publications related to the theme "The Green Book of Juan Carlos Bozzo" and "The Red Book of Juan Carlos Bozzo." And while "31 Minutes" is a fictional information made to entertain viewers and its characters are very playful component, it remains sensible enough to point to issues, drawing say certain truths that perhaps a more serious form, would be very difficult to express. So Alvaro Diaz, the journalist and his colleague Pedro Peirano created this successful Television Production and is the voice behind the red puppet, has a clear opinion regarding the manner in which Chile is facing its challenges of sustainability. "From small and personal concern I have enjoyed traveling Chile" part, which has been targeting these becomings which has realized the level of intervention of natural and cultural world that we ocasinando in the name of progress and pragmatism. "In Valdivia are lost every year because they are privatized land, and have made trails because energy projects are also built, as in the northern dry river flows because the water is being used for mining, as the rivers are polluted Loa "points, at which" obviously first have a visual impact that is very painful, then a cultural (because there are communities that live there and have to go) and finally there is damage that is irreversible, not only the landscape but to the ecosystem, which has an organic environment that is not to arrive and replace decisions by simple need.

English Alexa

.. For those who are unaware of Alexa, it offers an interesting tool to webmasters. The service is designed to value websites based on the number of people visiting the sites and the activities of these persons while they are on one site. Note that your results are skewed to the activities of those who use the Alexa toolbar. If your site is Business-to-Business oriented, then the results may be useful to their needs. If your site is Business-to-Customer oriented, then the Alexa results are far from reality in the documentation of the importance of your website. The reason why the Alexa results are skewed to the Business-to-business market is because most people who use the Alexa toolbar are involved in Business-to-business, either as user or provider B2B services. On May 24, 2005, Alexa’s ranking of the top ten English language web sites were as follows: * * * * * * * * * * (This information came from: QUA eight of the TEN WEBSITES all have in common course, five of the first ten sites are search oriented sites, but that is not the answer. Passport.net is owned by Microsoft and accessible when someone logs into the network of msn.com. Fastclick.com is a site that helps advertisers buy advertising across a huge network of sites. These two sites do not fit the profile. The only thing that eight of top ten sites have in common is that they are content driven destinations and add new, original and exclusive content on a daily basis.

Carlos Saul Menem

For businesses, there is still a further risk of deflation affecting their profit margins. During the month of June, according to data from Eurostat, the euro zone showed the first annual price deflation (which was 0.1%), since the introduction of the euro. The logic of the entrepreneur who sees an economy that is contracting and that their margins are also shrinking caused by low prices, tends to consider that this is not a year to invest, or if there doing so, better to opt for short-term alternatives. With this way of thinking to understand European business, it creates a vicious circle that deepens the economic downturn in the euro zone. It is wrong, but so good (Carlos Saul Menem, during his presidency in Argentina, 1990). This sentence clearly reflects the situation of the euro zone economy. In this regard, an encouraging sign for the industry was, as he realized a week ago expansion, which in May reported its first monthly increase since August 2008, beyond on-year the industry saw a 17% contraction during that month. The growth in the month is a sign that increases the hope of recovery industry in the euro area. Industrial production accounts for about 17% of GDP in the euro area and therein lies its importance in terms of the way out of recession. The way out of this recession and recovery Eurozone industry, is highly dependent on what happens in the U.S. economy. Families and businesses are not too strengthened to boost domestic demand and hence economic growth.

Central Europe

Dealers can buy false certification or licensing of massage for women, at a cost of $ 200 to $ 500, in order to look legitimate in case a police officer enters the premises. While many houses of prostitution in an independent, who seem to share information among themselves with regard to possible incursions by the application of the law, and some have hiding places to hide the women and girls from the police. 54 Corruption also facilitates the industry. For example, there have been complaints against the New Orleans police department officials who were accepting bribes from local brothels, probably in exchange for a deposit outside the brothels to impending attacks. At all levels of Russian organized crime, from individuals to small groups to big unions, appear to be involved in trafficking women to the United States, although the law of agreement on the degree of participation of Russian organized crime . According to some people, probably the Russians with organized crime connections are importing women from Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central Europe and the sex industry, that is, to strip, escort services and prostitution. INS agents in New York, they say, there are many cases of trafficking of these women by criminals to rob independent or escort services. Often, women's passports are taken by the dealer and are not free to leave until they have paid their debt of about $ 10,000. The INS believes that these criminals have connections to Russian organized crime abroad, but have not seen cases where major Russian organized crime organizations are running the business traffic to the United States.

The Scientific Revolution

– As a continuation to the theme of Homonatropia as a social revolution following is a fashionable topic in all political systems of the world, you understand, capitalist and socialist or communist. It is very common and almost necessary to have a degree of “height”, read, Graduate, Engineer, and others which define or allow a person to find employment in the labor market, undoubtedly there are other requirements imposed by firms to able to give employment to a person otherwise and although there are “lower levels” also requires certain characteristics in order to meet the demands of the business. In a world of competition and profit accumulation of training of individuals is eminently necessary, but forget about the suitability of a person to hold office without being a college graduate, there may be a person discharging office without necessarily having a bachelor’s degree or engineer only possess the necessary expertise in the specific subject and further preparation in business. These words serve as an introduction or a way to criticize the system established as the most suitable, do not forget that this system, the operator is equal in a capitalist or socialist political system, just change some principles regarding administrative and property but the process of exploitation of nature and human beings is the same. Human beings and nature as a resource. Unable to sustain a system as currently conducted, and is showing a large iceberg tips, both economically and in terms of employment and protection that people should receive both employed and unemployed, ie social is also in crisis.

Career Dreams

Inherent in the human spirit is a desire for fulfillment, the desire to carry out our creative aspirations by reaching new heights of achievement. Yet often the yearning for fulfillment can be suppressed by fear and apprehension. You may not feel good enough, smart enough or capable enough to pursue and fulfill our dreams. Discover your true passion! If you are considering a change in career direction or who wish to improve their business to a new level, but do not dare to make the transition, let me assure you it's never too late to choose again. As a matter of fact, many people change direction several times to trade for a lifetime and some do not even discover their true passions until much later in life. So, if you are not living their dream career, or if you are ready to take the step to try something new, now it's time to take a stand and just do it. Step out of your Comfort Zone! Of course the only inevitable path that will make your dreams a reality is to ignore them. To bring to reality, you need to start somewhere and usually the place to start is to take stock of what you really want to do. The next step is to make a decision that is going to do and then do things that can take you there. Because there are no magic answers or formulas established to ensure the success, his work is the confidence.

Seriously Impress

So you've managed to get a job interview for a position that fits perfectly. Now comes the moment of truth: Are you really ready for the interview? If you have tried what you say and know the perfect answer to all possible questions, which is halfway. There is only one important thing you have forgotten yourself. How do you sell yourself and show your potential employer how valuable it can be to your business? You want to hire them today and not even think of other applicants. You know you're the right person for the job, so how do you make? Here are seven steps you can take to make you really shine during the interview process. 1. First, find out everything you can about the company that would work. Who are your customers? What is your mission? How does the work to be done relate to the objectives of the company? Knowing this information gives you great ideas on what types of questions to ask your interviewer and shows them that you have done your research and already have some background in the business of the company and its objectives. 2. Read the job description carefully. Analyze your own strengths and see how you can link the two together. If you have previous experience, take note of the times that helped to achieve a specific result. Employers who consider most serious applicants who have experience and a track record in the industry that they do not. 3. First impressions count.

The Game is Packed and Ready to Go

After these steps it will be possible to comply with the site we printed our game and packed, remaining available to be played if there is a new purchase order. By certainly is not the same thing to a board game actually done with all the materials, but you can play perfectly well if no problem. Create a game on our own investment may be quite high, adding the creation of the cards, cartridges for games is over becoming a rather cumbersome task. So The Game Crafter gives you the possibility to create games if any cost high and after you’ve sold one they will credit the purchase price and deduct your expenses paltry production. 9) Spoonflower All those who are involved in the design world know that a good impression influence good design. Spoonflower So give us life and we can create our own designs fabrics then be printed at very reasonable prices. So if you’re a lover of design spoonflower found the right place. Spoonflower that performs on-demand printing gives them the opportunity to make their own designs through their attractive options with prices ranging from $ 18 – $ 32. 10) Ponoko The first thing you have to do is register and send the design which you want to do with the materials you need. Ponoko then sends the pieces so that your product has assembly and is ready for what you sell. Ponoko is offering you the opportunity to transform your 3D designs into products using a variety of materials such as bamboo, cardboard, leather, acrylic, felt, etc. It allows you to create toys, jewelry, furniture and electronics and then be sold on the site. 11) Shapeways Like Ponoko, shapeways allows you to upload your 3D designs and transform them into products using 3D technology. Once you finished your Podes product has to offer in the same website. Many users are enrolled in shapeways prodcutos selling jewelry, toys, electronics, which allows you to choose from a wide variety of products. 12) Imagekind Imagekind is a site acquired by Caffepress that specializes in prints and cards can use a variety of materials, size and other options. For those photographers who use Flickr will be able to import their work Imagekind before being sold. 13) deviantART deviantART is one of the best sites on the Internet exsiten on art, with 81 million subscribers. All registrants will also have the chance to sell their art work with a variety of options. With respect to printing, are offered in different sizes and designs. 14) CafePress Everyone who ever thought of selling products online, CafePress is an option to not let go. With more than seven million registered users, cafepress online allows us to create products, design them in our own way, sell and printed on demand. We can find all kinds of prodcutos, such as: shirts, collar shirts, hats, caps, mugs, buttons, bottles, etc. To have an idea on CafePress are created about 50,000 products per day. 15) Pikistore Pikistore created shirts and other editable items such as bags, cups, etc. If you are thinking about having your own site to offer their production Pikistore can be a great choice.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

Learn how to dramatically improve your quality of life in this article. As women entrepreneurs are a very busy woman, you invest much time in your business, having served the family well and be a superwoman, not you realize that you pay a high price because you are sacrificing the quality of life that would supposedly Implicit in that lifestyle you’re looking for, that you call success. If success for you does not mean quality of life to enjoy it because maybe this article is not for you. But I guess the quality of life to enjoy your success is something you want, then why do you want success if you can not enjoy it? Surely as it happens to all when you hear that you have to devote time to the quality of life, you lie to shake like a scared rabbit crying, I have not got time?. But business friend, time as money is a necessary investment in this case in your welfare. This well will result in a more rapid and effective, thus have more time to you, and enjoy your success. I’ll give it the 7 secrets to invest your time in quality of life, which will become more free time and work more effective: 1 .- Sleep Sleep is necessary hours you need, do not speak of the myth of 8 hours,for we know that every human being is different, find out what your need for sleep and not sleep deprived. .

Secrets Of The Super-Traders

The first and perhaps most important “secret” is to realize that your methodology or approach (no matter how good) is just part of being a successful trader. This applies to any trading style including, day trading, swing trading or position trading. The simple fact is that a bad trader can ruin a great trading system. Conversely a talented trader can take a mediocre strategy and make money with it. Why? Please read and I’ll explain. Many traders / investors that I have spoken with think that to be a “Super-Trader” that should have some sort of highly advanced trading techniques or software along with nerves of steel and a highly developed intuitive feel for the markets. Furthermore, they believe that these elite groups, have some “inside information” that do not. You will be relieved to know that the above is not necessary. In fact, there is little independent traders who constantly make money and those who do not do. And here are? * Qualified Dealers to find a strategy or market model that offers a high probability of success. They make money this advantage over and over again. Qualified merchants * never deviate from their methodology or “improvising.” Skilled operators * Never enter a trade without an entry and an exit strategy. They know exactly when and where to cut their losses and take profits. * Never leave qualified operators always a winning trade turn into a loser. The easiest way to ensure this does not happen is to place a protective stop at some ticks or money once your position is up several points. * Qualified operators never hope, pray or wish that their shares would rise. They understand that when they are wrong they are wrong and the best thing to do is cut their losses short. * Qualified operators never trade with their emotions. They do not cease to be current on the latest and greatest investment hype. Skilled operators * Always have one goal in mind: to preserve capital at all costs. They do not take too large of a position. A good rule of thumb to adhere to never use more than 5% of their funds on any trade. Thus in the worst cases, the population could be reduced to zero and your account will not be seriously affected. * Qualified operators never too greedy. There is an old adage that “pigs are fed and slaughtered pigs.” These traders do not try to make a big transaction that will make them instant millionaires. Do not try to hit home runs, but they understand that it is better to keep pushing the collection of individual and small consistent profits. * Operators qualified to enter and exit operations quickly and decisively. * Qualified operators to listen to anyone else of the opinion on the market or particular trade they are in. * qualified operators are often nonconformists. They will be buying when others are too scared to selling and when people start buying. That’s all the secrets to make big money in the markets. Maybe it’s a bit disappointing as you’d expect something a little more esoteric and complicated. Let me assure you that if you follow the above principles to take your trading skills and profits to levels never thought possible!