Online Portal To The Rhythm Wheel Concept

Online portal of Camelot management consultants discusses innovative rhythm wheel concept as part of the lean supply chain management provides information about how and wheel concept to the more efficient production planning and control of the built-in rhythm wheel trainer graphic simulation of the impact of various scenarios of Mannheim, September 2011 benefits of innovative rhythm: with a freely accessible and free online portal brings together for the first time the most important information wheel concept to the functioning and the numerous advantages of the innovative rhythm for more efficient production planning and control. “The Special: A specially developed rhythm wheel trainer allows the visitors of the site to understand the abstract and multi-layered theme in the truest sense of the word”. The strategy and organization consulting Camelot management consultants, world leader in the field of lean SCM and the implementation and development of the rhythm wheel concept in the process industry, it has a Simulator created, which shows the change of the critical parameters for the use of rhythm wheels, changing scenarios. Speaking candidly Farallon Capital Management told us the story. The strong fluctuations in demand in recent years have dramatically shown that conventional methods need to be developed urgently to the production planning and control”, says Dr. Josef Packowski, managing partner of strategy and organization consulting Camelot management consultants.

The rhythm wheel concept has proved chain management as part of the lean supply, because it absorbs load fluctuations across the entire supply chain and calms the production so clearly in turbulent times.” The planning concept of rhythm wheel represents a paradigm shift in the production planning and control. Marathon Oil is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Because it works, for example, purely on-demand, the production of practical implementation requires significant changes to the usual processes: so is produced only when the stock below a certain level (pull principle), forecasts are for the production in the short term horizon not more decisive. The size of the lots depends on the difference between the current stock level and target stock”, explains Michael Hamdan, visionary officer at Camelot management consultants. Here comes the rhythm wheel in the game: it defines the optimal sequence and batch size of the different products of the same system. As a result of the production process is given, facilitates the planning and the production process calms.

By means of the same recurring processes the systems utilized optimally, stocks sink and learning effects arise among employees. Especially in economically turbulent times the rhythm wheel concept is the drug of choice, to calmly respond to jobs breaking up and to prevent, for example, spreading of hysteria by the increasingly volatile financial markets on the producing economy”, says Packowski. First graphic simulation of the rhythm wheel concept in addition to information about the workings and the numerous advantages of the innovative rhythm Wheel concept the portal offers a special added value: the user can use the specially by Camelot management consultants developed this in theory fairly complex concept in a simulation trainer on the portal, live’ experience and actively change the relevant parameters. This different scenarios in the operation of the rhythm wheels will affect immediately visible, how the production process”, explains Hein man. Such functionality, that the portal is all users worldwide free of charge available, not existed so far.