Newspaper People

The origin of word OUIJA is not known with exactitude, although it thinks that it corresponds with the French affirmation OUI (if) and in German JA, his composition and aspect, although diverse models exist, corresponderia with the following description: " Flat and oval object of wood, finished in end, with orifice in his center, by where the different letters visualize that conformed the message, that the Medium will be composing in the route realised by this piece, on the surface of the table serigrafiada with the letters of the alphabet, as well as other phrases from greeting, goodbye, affirmation or negation, and even numeraciones". Nowadays the oval flat object, usually is replaced by a transparent crystal glass, which is held by a single finger of the different people who can participate in the session. The OUIJA is a very old instrument, and a.C was already used in Greece at the time of Pitagoras towards the 540. In any case, the interaction of the deceaseds with the physical people, comes producing in different facets, where the relation with the possessing physical people of the faculty of the mediumnidad, shows an ample fan of possibilities. Additional information at Peter Schiff supports this article. So it is the case of the phenomena produced during the spiritism sessions, where between the many known cases, emphasizes the news appeared in the Newspaper " The Austral one of Temuco" – Chile – 21 of Julio of 2002, of that we summarized an extract. " The spirit of my son told me who mat". Thus he declared in his story Edith Ivonne Market Huts, when trying to clarify the circumstances that took to the death to their son of 25 years, Juan Carlos Market, that he affirmed: " The spirit of my son told me who mat". He even detailed all the aspects to him related to his death, arriving to reveal the name to him of the assassin.